‘Big Brother 21’ Star Holly Allen Explained Her Controversial ‘Bullying’ Comments About Nicole Anthony

On Big Brother 21, Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony had the option of evicting Holly Allen and breaking up a showmance or staying true to their word. After a huge lie and a few deals, Hogg and Anthony ended up keeping the couple, who made it to the Final Two chairs.

While in the house, Allen made a few unsavory comments about Anthony as she felt like the preschool aide “bullied” her into throwing the Head of Household.

She took to a podcast to address her words about Anthony and explained more about their relationship.

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Jackson Michie, Host Julie Chen Moonves, Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony | Monty Brinton

Holly Allen believes she and Nicole Anthony are ‘similar’

Even though Allen and Anthony seem different, the safari guide claims they are actually very much alike. She explained that they both had been underestimated in life, have similar insecurities, and are “wired” almost the same.

Therefore, the pageant winner thought long and hard about taking Anthony to the Final Two had she won the last Head of Household competition. However, nothing would have made her choose the preschool aide over Michie and the commitment they made to each other.

Nonetheless, Allen was incredibly grateful the two became close friends towards the end of the experience as she wanted to work with Anthony and Cliff Hogg long before they established their Final Four deal.

Holly Allen agreed to throw the HOH competition to Nicole Anthony

Michie and Allen won several competitions after the four established their alliance and kept Anthony and Hogg safe from elimination. However, when Anthony won the BB Comics Veto Competition, and saved Hogg off the block, automatically putting Allen up for elimination, the preschool aide and petroleum engineer began to consider going back on their word.

Anthony wanted to break up the showmance by evicting Allen and instead keep Tommy Bracco, someone who would take her to the Final Two. However, Hogg wanted to stay true to the deal because he felt like Allen and Michie would bring him to the next round as opposed to Bracco.

Instead of both voting differently and then leaving HOH Michie to break the tie, they wanted to vote the same way and agreed on sending to Allen to Jury.

At the last second, Hogg made a deal with the safari guide to throw the HOH to Anthony and concede the Power of Veto Competition. Therefore, the two evicted Bracco and Allen threw the competitions.

However, the safari guide complained to Michie several times about Anthony acting “arrogant” about winning a competition that Allen threw. She also claimed the preschool aide “bullied” her and forced her to throw them, which will look back on Anthony because she presents herself as “anti-bully,” something fans expressed they didn’t appreciate.

They claimed that not only was it Hogg that made the deal, but Allen agreed in exchange for safety that week; therefore, she was never bullied into anything.

Holly Allen addressed her controversial ‘bullying’ comments about Nicole Anthony

On Your Reality Recaps podcast, Allen said she observed other houseguests “mistreating and manipulating” Anthony because they knew she played the game with her heart.

So, she claimed she told the preschool aide on multiple occasions that Anthony should do whatever is best for her game, and Allen would support her no matter what.

Therefore, it “bummed” her out that Anthony considered evicting her over Bracco, even though Allen recognizes it would have been Anthony’s best move.

Nonetheless, the pageant winner said she felt “upset and confused” after living in the stress-filled house for so long, so she “said things out of frustration.” Allen said she already apologized to Anthony for her words, and the two are still very close.