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After Big Brother 21 ended, Jack Matthews and Analyse “Sis” Talavera, Jackson Michie, and Holly Allen, and, surprisingly, Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn carried their relationship into the real world.

However, 22-year-old Talavera and 29-year-old Matthews recently announced their mutual break up only after a month of dating.

Jack Matthews Analyse Talavera
Jack Matthews and Analyse Talvera | Sonja Flemming

Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera began dating on ‘Big Brother 21’

As a part of several alliances together, Matthews and Talavera became very close in the Big Brother house. They were also extremely close with the other showmance, Holly Allen and Jackson Michie, and could have made it to the Final Four together.

Therefore, after finding out that Allen and Kathryn Dunn previously knew each other before entering the house, Michie told Matthews. However, the fitness trainer was closer to Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy and spilled the beans to them, effectively ending the BB bromance with Michie.

A few weeks later, they were placed on the block together, and Matthews ended up becoming the first member of the Jury. Talavera joined him only two weeks later, and they continued their romance in the Jury House.

Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera continued their relationship

After leaving the show, the two hung out with other Six Shooter members and Big Brother alumni in Los Angeles as well as Las Vegas. He also brought Talavera back to where he lived in Tampa, Florida, to pick up his dog, Layla.

The three then embarked on a cross country road trip to the West Coast, stopping in Louisiana, Nevada, and Colorado. Matthews then visited Michie and a few of their friends in Dallas, Texas, for a “boy’s trip.”

Talavera and Matthews recently spent Halloween together, and they dressed up as the Tiger and Jasmine from Aladdin. Despite being “couple’s costume goals,” only five days later, they announced their break up on social media.

Jack Matthews and Analyse Talavera broke up

On Matthews’ Instagram page, he posted a picture of himself with Talavera looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. In the caption, he told his followers that “Sis and I have decided to take a break, no hard feelings, no bad blood but with absolute love in our hearts.”

Matthews went on to thank Talavera for her love, everything she’s taught him, and their “beautiful memories.” He ended his lengthy caption by reminding her they’ll “always be friends and partners forever.”

Talavera shared the news on her Instagram story with paragraphs of text and Madison Ryann Ward’s “Mirror” playing. She echoed Matthew’s sentiments but gave more insight into why they were ending their relationship.

The soccer star wrote, “As a lot of you know, we’re living in two different states, and trying to do long distance has been really hard. We are also both at two different stages in our lives right now, which makes it even harder. I’m so young and still trying to figure out who I am, my goals, and my future. He, too, is trying to figure out where his path will lead him.”

While the two seemingly still have feelings for each other, it’s almost guaranteed they won’t get back together.