‘Big Brother 21’ Nick Maccarone Revealed He Regrets His Behavior in the House Because It ‘Ruined Relationships’

Big Brother 21 houseguest Nick Maccarone became one of the most controversial contestants from the season for how he treated ex-girlfriend Isabella Wang and the hateful remarks he made about Kemi Fakunle.

Almost five months after leaving the house, Nick reflected on his experience and admitted he regretted the way he behaved because it “ruined relationships” with others in the house.

Nick Maccarone
Nick Maccarone | Bruce Glikas

Nick Maccarone on ‘Big Brother 21’

Soon after entering the house, Nick Maccarone formed a relationship with Isabella Wang and a close alliance with Sam Smith. Nick and Bella were a part of the majority alliance, Gr8ful, early into the game until Week 3, when his group flipped and voted to evict Cliff Hogg III over his target, Nicole Anthony.

In the following two weeks, Gr8ful, now Six Shooters without the couple, voted to evict both of Nick’s allies, leaving the therapist by himself. However, he effectively played both sides of the house until Christie Murphy blew up his game during the infamous Taco Tuesday dinner.

Then, Holly Allen nominated Nick for eviction, and he could choose who sat next to him due to winning America’s Prankster. Unaware of the pre-existing relationship between Tommy Bracco and Christie, he anonymously selected the boutique owner as the other nominee, thinking he had the votes.

Unfortunately, the Broadway dancer couldn’t vote against Christie, and the therapist became the fourth member of the jury.

Nick Maccarone regrets ruining relationships

On February 6, 2020, Nick took to his Instagram and opened up about missing Big Brother and the people in the house. Additionally, the therapist “wished that I would’ve handled myself differently in a way where I wouldn’t have ruined three relationships in there.”

Nick also tagged everyone from his season of Big Brother in his Instagram story except the three houseguests because they “don’t talk to him anymore.”

Nick Maccarone Instagram video
via Nick Maccarone Instagram

Although Nick recognizes he has “good relationships” with the majority of the cast, the therapist “had a moment” where he reflected on his time in the house and regretted how he behaved because he wants to be “cool with” everyone.

What happened with Nick Maccarone and those three houseguests?

Even though Nick did not name the people he ruined relationships with, Ovi Kabir, Kemi Fakunle, and Bella are the only ones not tagged in his post. After making Bella his girlfriend in the house, he began learning Mandarin with her and professed his love for her several times.

However, after her eviction, he was observed being extremely affectionate towards Analyse Talavera, Nicole, and Tommy on the Live Feeds. Additionally, Nick began a romantic relationship with Kat Dunn in the Jury House, which the show highlighted during an episode.

Bella expressed her disgust towards Nick’s actions multiple times on social media as the show played out, and the therapist apologized. He and Kat are currently still dating.

During the first couple weeks of the show, Nick was involved in bullying other houseguests, including Nicole and Kemi. Right when it happened, Ovi, a close friend of Nicole’s, stood up for her and told the Gr8ful alliance they were wrong. He also confronted the group again at the reunion.

In another example, Nick said he wanted to spit in Kemi’s face and called her “a piece of s**t” with the rest of Gr8ful laughing and adding in their own remarks.

In an interview with ET Canada, Nick took responsibility for his comment and said he immediately regretted it after he said it. So far, Ovi, Kemi, and Bella have not responded to Nick’s video.