‘Big Brother 21’ Star Kat Dunn Dating Blogger Steve ‘Reality Steve’ Carbone

The hilarious and sarcastic, yet usually accurate, spoiler of The Bachelor, Stephen “Reality Steve” Carbone, recently announced he has been seeing Big Brother 21 star Kat Dunn since the end of April; a couple of weeks after she and Nick Maccarone called it quits.

Big Brother 21 Kat Dunn
Kathryn Dunn | Monty Brinton

Who is Reality Steve Carbone?

Mainly raised in southern California, blogger Stephen Carbone originally wanted to get into sports broadcasting. After graduating from college, he wrote for a paid sports commentary website until he used profanity in a column, resulting in his firing.

A few months later, the blogger began sending hilarious yet cutting emails about the FOX reality series, Joe Millionaire, and sending them to his friends who forwarded them.

His newfound popularity from his successful email newsletter, named Reality Steve, resulted in his Bachelor first tip; that Jason Mesnick (Season 13) would propose to Melissa Rycroft but then change his mind and choose runner-up Molly Malaney.

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After it happened, he quickly became an authoritative voice in The Bachelor community, and people began sending him spoilers regularly. However, ABC sued the blogger in 2011 for contacting eliminated cast members and offering them money for information as well as in 2012 for spoiling the season.

The suit was settled as he agreed not to contact anyone on the show or working in the crew for show particulars. Because his information comes from several other sources, he has continued to spoil seasons without interference from ABC.

Now 45 years old, the blogger branched out to podcasts where he does weekly recaps and interviews reality stars from The BachelorBig Brother, and Survivor.

‘BB21’ star Kat Dunn dated Nick Maccarone

In June 2019, 29-year-old Texas-based digital marketing executive Kathryn Dunn met 26-year-old New Jersey-based therapist Nick Maccarone in the Big Brother house.

The two initially didn’t communicate much as she had a short-lived fling with Jackson Michie, and Nick professed his love for Isabella Wang on numerous occasions.

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However, when he arrived at the Jury House a couple of weeks after Kat, the unlikely couple quickly hit it off. The show featured their newfound relationship in a segment, upsetting Bella and many fans.

After filming wrapped, Kat blasted CBS in an interview for airing the clip as she felt it “cheapened” the genuine bond she and Nick formed. The two also continued dating and attended sporting events together as well as visited other castmates.

They were going to see each other only a few days before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit, but Kat decided to stay in her native Texas as opposed to visiting her boyfriend. The BB couple called it quits in early April due to the long-distance and a petty online argument.

Kat Dunn and Reality Steve Carbone dating

Towards the end of an Instagram Live with former The Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey, Reality Steve confirmed he and Kat are “seeing each other.” Ashley pointed out that the BB21 cast member was lurking in the comments and stated he “looked fire.”

After a pause, he revealed he had been spending time with her for the past seven weeks as she’s located nearby in Dallas. The blogger continued and explained they hung out the day prior and “have a great time together.”

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He also said they’ve talked about opening up about their relationship but haven’t posted pictures of each other because he’s “not one of those guys.” However, the blogger did admit they recently hung out together for his birthday and uploaded photos of the same place but didn’t include the other in their picture.

Before anyone asked, the 45-year-old blogger denied that Kat broke up with Nick for him, or their relationship had anything to do with the breakup. He explained that after their April 23rd interview, the first time he claimed to have spoken to her, the two stayed in contact afterward, and things took off from there.