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After leaving the Big Brother house, Jackson Michie moved into a Playa Vista, California apartment with Holly Allen, and has been working out seemingly nonstop. He has gained several pounds in muscle, and some fans are concerned he’s taking illegal steroids to assist his growth, something he joked about doing while in the Big Brother house.

However, Michie slammed the rumors and insisted they were only jokes.

Jackson Michie
Jackson Michie | Sonja Flemming

Jackson Michie won ‘Big Brother 21’

In the beginning, Jackson Michie was in an excellent position in the game as his houseguests voted him Camp Director, and he joined the majority alliance.

He initially began a showmance with Kathryn Dunn before breaking it off to start a romantic relationship with ally, Holly Allen. During the fifth week, news broke that Allen and Dunn had a pre-existing relationship, resulting in a blow-up that alienated Michie and his girlfriend from the rest of the house.

The current Head of Household, Jessica Milagros, nominated Michie next to his closest ally, Jack Matthews. His friend, the intended target, went home, and then the Nashville-based server went on a competition-winning streak.

Then, Michie created an alliance with himself, Allen, Nicole Anthony, and Cliff Hogg III. When the former two contemplated evicting Allen over Tommy Bracco, the server devised a plan to paint the Broadway dancer as a liar, and it worked.

Michie then won his way into the Final Two and chose his woman to sit next to him. His impressive competition wins earned him the victory over Allen in a 6-3 vote.

Many fans accused him of cheating and thought he was ‘problematic’

Even though Michie played a relatively strong game, he quickly became one of the most unliked winners due to his controversial behavior and words caught on the Live Feeds.

On July 1, 2019, Michie told Analyse Talavera and Bracco he suffered from extreme depression and was borderline suicidal before entering the house. Additionally, Christie Murphy claimed Michie told her that he used to take five Xanax pills a day.

A few days later, Michie told Allen and Dunn that he got his Xanax’s on the street and quit taking them cold turkey. On July 16, Michie hung out at the pool with a few other houseguests and bragged about taking an illegal steroid, Trenbolone. He then stated he couldn’t wait to get out of the house to use it again.

Jackson Michie denied using steroids

On February 25, 2020, Michie uploaded a picture of himself smiling to his Instagram account. He captioned it, “find whatever makes you happiest and put yourself right in the middle of it.”

Jackson Michie troll
via Jackson Michie Instagram

A follower replied, “for you, I guess it’s steroids.” Michie then responded that when the “little boost of ‘happiness’ you get being a keyboard warrior fades, you’ll still be left with all the unhappiness you had before.”

The user then called out his “steroid addiction” and defended her beliefs against others commenting in support of Michie. The BB21 winner jumped back into the conversation, writing, “You’ve never met me. Judging is one thing, assuming someone has an addiction and verbalizing it on social media is a whole different beast. Thanks for your concern, but I’m doing just fine.”

Jackson Michie rumor
via Jackson Michie Instagram

In the follower’s response, she recalled the steroid comment he made on the Live Feeds, and Michie insisted, “people make jokes. I’m not too worried if you didn’t see it as that, I know what I meant.” Followers continued to argue about Michie’s alleged steroid use, but he didn’t respond any further than that.