‘Big Brother 24’: America’s Favorite Houseguest Awarded an Additional Prize This Year

America’s Favorite Houseguest, awarded to the viewers’ most-liked player, became a staple in the game, starting in Big Brother Season 7. This season, the recipient will receive an additional prize on top of the increased check.

‘Big Brother 24’ America’s Favorite Houseguest awarded an additional prize

After Brittany Hoopes’s eviction, host Julie Chen Moonves announced the staple America’s Favorite Houseguest award.

Voted by the viewers, the recipient is usually given a $25,000 cash prize.

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However, the check increased to $50,000 as of last season. The Big Brother 24 AFP will take home the cash as well as a luxury Princess Cruises vacation for the houseguest and a guest.

As a promotion for the upcoming show The Real Love Boat, it’s the first time the Favorite Player will receive this prize on top of the money.

Joseph Abdin currently leads a poll for ‘Big Brother 24’ AFP

According to the popular Live Feed Twitter account Big Brother Daily’s poll, Joseph Abdin leads the houseguests for Favorite Player as of Week 11. Well-liked by the viewers for his personality and befriending Taylor Hale when the others weren’t so nice and their budding relationship, many fans were devastated when he became a casualty of the first-ever Split House twist.

Kyle Capener turned on him and the Leftovers, some believe fueled by his unsubstantiated theory that the people of color were secretly aligned, and Joseph was evicted without a chance to say goodbye to Taylor. Therefore, many viewers thought he should become this season’s AFP.

Taylor, a popular contestant from the beginning, follows Joseph in the poll. As she’s currently in the top three, the Michigan-based stylist has a chance to become the first houseguest to win the game and AFP.

Michael Bruner, who broke the record for the most Power of Veto wins in a season, is next, followed by his close ally Brittany, who some viewers began taking more of an interest in after Michael’s eviction. Matt “Turner,” Alyssa Snider, Indy Santos, Ameerah Jones, Monte Taylor, Jasmine Davis, Kyle, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli, Terrance Higgins, Nicole Layog, Paloma Aguilar, and Daniel Durston round out the list, respectively.

Tiffany Mitchell most recently won America’s Favorite Houseguest

Michigan-based phlebotomist Tiffany Mitchell is the reigning Favorite Houseguest. She became a member of the Cookout, an alliance featuring all the Black players in the house with the mission of getting the first Black winner, and constructed a plan for them to make it throughout the game undetected.

Tiffany had the others team up with others so the members would never get nominated together and have the votes to save each other.

The six made it to the final, becoming the first alliance to do so, but her strategic prowess, as well as proving herself a competition threat, put a target on her back. She formed a final three with Kyland Young, but he wanted to team up with Xavier Prather, immediately turning on her.

Therefore, Tiffany became the lowest placing member of the Cookout, finishing sixth. Many fans credited her with the success of the historic alliance and awarded her America’s Favorite Houseguest to show their appreciation. Big Brother 24 finale airs Sunday, September 25, on CBS.

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