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Mississippi-based entrepreneur Jasmine Davis from Big Brother 24 has begun telling stories about her life that many fans find unbelievable. As a result, they are starting to compare her to season 19’s Raven Walton, who memorably frequently talked about her several alleged ailments.

Jasmine Davis has claimed she’s a natural blonde

During Week 1, Jasmine Davis and Taylor Hale discussed shaving her legs, and Jasmine explained she doesn’t shave one part because the hair is blonde.

She then claimed she’s naturally a blonde but dyes her black as she feels it “looks healthier.” However, the Houseguest insisted that she had blonde hair and blue eyes as a baby.

One Live Feed viewer quickly posted a baby picture she previously uploaded to Instagram, seemingly disproving her. A week later, in a conversation with Alyssa Snider, the Mississippi-based entrepreneur bonded over their shared experience of winning Homecoming Queen in high school.

Jasmine continued the story, claiming that she fell off the float and her dad “drug” her on the grass, resulting in mud getting on her. She ended by noting it was an “awesome night,” even though she and her family also apparently “became homeless” the same day.

Fans are comparing Jasmine to season 19’s Raven Walton

Most recently, again talking to Alyssa, the entrepreneur claimed Beyoncé helped support her nail line business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, fans proved she didn’t receive a grant that Beyoncé and the NAACP gave to small businesses.

Additionally, Jasmine has claimed she was switched at birth and almost went home with someone else. However, her mother noticed, and she received a DNA test before going back with her family.

Many viewers don’t believe Jasmine’s tales, putting them on Twitter under the hashtag “Jasmine Stories,” and are accusing her of making them up, similar to season 19’s Raven Walton.

Many fans didn’t believe Raven’s several claims during ‘BB19’

Throughout her time in the Big Brother house, Raven shared her several ailments and injuries with the other Houseguests. However, many were so outlandish that several players and fans believed she made them up.

She has revealed she’s dying from two terminal diseases and, alongside her family, needs a new pacemaker every year. Raven has said she couldn’t have kids because her uterus is too small, and she has endometriosis. According to the former Houseguest, she has had at least eight surgeries, died twice on the operating table, and says every nerve in her body, including her organs, is dying.


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She also claimed that she was scouted for the Olympics but shattered her growth plates around the same time and has an inverted spine. Additionally, Raven has named milk, chicken, and steak as things she can’t eat, yet Live Feed viewers have caught her eating them several times on camera.

Finally, the former Houseguest has claimed she only has a couple of years to live due to her many ailments. Fans are comparing Jasmine to Raven because of the unbelievable stories both Houseguests frequently share. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.