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The Big Brother 24 Houseguests reportedly will not have an official CBS biography. The network usually includes the contestants on its webpage with their bios that feature their background, likes, dislikes, and planned strategies. While CBS didn’t clarify why they won’t have an official “about me” page for this season, the BB24 cast has done pre-season interviews where fans can get a “sense” of the players.

‘Big Brother 24’ houseguests won’t have an official CBS bio

According to podcaster and Parade writer Mike Bloom, CBS notified him that the network wouldn’t release official biographies of the Big Brother 24 Houseguests as it usually does.

The bios typically include their backgrounds, planned strategies, and likes and dislikes. Therefore, fans can only get “a sense” of the season 24 cast through pre-season interviews with Parade and Us Weekly.

Talking to Parade, the Houseguests revealed the best advice they received, the first impression they give off, the type of players they likely won’t align with, and if they would flip the house or vote with the majority.

In the interviews with Us Weekly, the cast answered questions about their strategy, including if they would bring an ally or someone easily beatable to the end, named their favorite past players, and if they would throw a competition.

Marvin Achi replaced on ‘Big Brother 24’ by Joseph Abdin

Shortly after the highly anticipated cast reveal for Big Brother 24, CBS announced chemical processing engineer Marvin Achi would no longer appear in the upcoming season.

Instead, the network added 24-year-old Florida-based lawyer Joseph Abdin to compete in his place. While CBS didn’t clarify the reasoning for the removal, he recently auditioned for America’s Got Talent during Week 2 of the current season.

The Nigeria-born Natural Fitness champion appeared on the long-running series to showcase his talent of making his abs clap, proclaiming himself as the only person able to do so.

He received three “yeses” from the judges, qualifying for the next round. According to, the publication spoke to a source familiar with the show and noted those who advance to the Live Shows are under a “talent hold” for several months with the network. Therefore, Marvin likely tried out for Big Brother 24 afterward as he probably believed he wouldn’t continue in the NBC competition.

‘Big Brother 24’ finale airs in September 2022

The Big Brother 24 finale airs on September 25, 2022, where one Houseguest is awarded the title and $750,000 grand prize.

It premieres on July 6 with a live move-in, presumably opening the Live Feeds after the PST airing.


‘Big Brother’ Champ Explains How Future Houseguests Should Use Diary Room Sessions for Their Game

As the season only lasts 82 days, it will be the shortest since BB14 in 2012. Big Brother seasons initially began airing for around 80 days, eventually upping it to the 90-day format in BB15 and maxing it out at 99 for seasons 18, 20, and 21.

The two most recent seasons dropped down to the 80-day threshold, lasting 85 each. Due to the shorter formats, Houseguests will likely have to play harder from the beginning.