‘Big Brother 24’: Michael Bruner Is Ready for His ‘Give Me the Key, B***h’ Moment

Big Brother 24 frontrunner Michael Bruner identified himself as a backdoor target. When getting ready for the Power of Veto competition, he gave himself a pep talk, noting he was prepared for his “give me the key, b**** moment,” a shout-out to four-time competitor Janelle Pierzina.

Michael Bruner is ready to get revenge on Matt ‘Turner’ and Kyle Capener

When Leftover defector Matt “Turner” nominated Michael Bruner’s closest allies Brittany Hoopes and Taylor Hale for eviction, the Wisconsin-based attorney correctly figured out he was the actual target.

After getting picked for the Power of Veto, Michael gave himself a pep talk in a bedroom. He told himself he would win safety and retaliate against Kyle Capener and Turner by nominating them next week as Head of Household.

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“I’m gonna have my give me the key, b**** moment,” he continued, referring to a memorable moment by Janelle Pierzina in season 6. While Michael acknowledges it’s “probably not smart,” he plans to celebrate his victory in front of everyone. The houseguest insisted he knew Kyle turned on him due to his suspicious behavior and warned the Utah native not to upset him.

Michael also pointed out that he has “dirt” on Kyle, referring to his offensive pitch to align against the non-white Houseguests as Kyle assumed they were secretly working together and planned to use it. “If I can’t win this game, I’ll make sure you don’t either,” he threatened.

Michael will likely target Turner next

Michael ended up winning the Veto, his fifth, tying the franchise record for most POV wins in a season.

With safety, Michael felt protected to blow up Kyle’s game by exposing his pitch to Monte Taylor and Taylor, who are Black houseguests that Kyle previously worked closely with before turning on the Leftovers.

He and Brittany ended up telling everyone and successfully turned Turner against his final two ally. After Michael saved Brittany with the Veto, Turner replaced her with Kyle, all but guaranteeing his eviction that week.

Even though the two planned to go to the end of the game together, Turner didn’t want to be associated with Kyle’s offensive strategy. If Michael does become the next HOH, he will likely go after Turner, as his former ally would’ve backdoored him had he not won Veto.

‘Give me the key’ is a shout-out to Janelle Pierzina

Big Brother 6 was divided between alliances Sovereign Six and The Friendship.

Following Kaysar Ridha’s return to the house, he relinquished Head of Household to Jennifer Vasquez after she promised safety. However, she broke the pact and backdoored him, angering the Sovereign Six members.

His closest ally Janelle became the next HOH, and she and Howie Gordon went crazy celebrating. An excited Janelle then yelled at Jen to “give me the key, b****,” referring to the necklace that holds the key to the HOH room.

The popular player got revenge for Kaysar by sending Jen packing next. If Michael becomes the next HOH, he’s ready to get even and send Turner to the Jury House right after Kyle. Big Brother 24 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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