‘Big Brother 24’ Will Be the Shortest Season Since ‘BB14’

Big Brother will return with season 24 on July 6 with all-new houseguests. The upcoming season has a finale date of September 25, making the BB24 only 82 days. It will become the shortest season since BB14.

‘Big Brother 24’ is set to become the shortest season since ‘BB14’

Big Brother 24 premieres on July 6 and will hold its finale on September 25.

Therefore, the season lasts 82 days, the shortest since Big Brother 14, which featured four returning houseguests who served as Coaches before the game turned individual.

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When Big Brother launched, the first six seasons lasted around 80 days. It went down to 72 days for season 7, the first All Star season. For seasons 8 and 9, the time went back up to the 81-day range before dropping to the 75-day range for seasons 10-14.

In Big Brother 15, the show began testing the 90-day format, increasing it to 97 for season 16 and hitting the max of 99 days for seasons 18, 20, and 21. Most recently, BB22 and BB23 dropped down to 85 days. BB24 will become the shortest season since BB14 as the houseguests will only compete for 82 days.

Host Julie Chen Moonves shared ‘clues’ about ‘BB24’ in a recent picture

A couple of weeks before the Big Brother 24 premiere, the host uploaded a photo of herself to social media, teasing that the picture had “clues” in it for the upcoming season.

Moonves is wearing a floral print dress, has her hands on her hips, and looks toward the sky while standing on a sidewalk in front of houses.


Several fans shared their theories on Reddit, with many noting the sunflowers on her dress and upward head tilt. While some thought her ponytail tied back indicated a throwback season featuring returning houseguests, others pointed out her looking at the sky as a hint of a possible dollhouse theme.

“Everything is bigger in size to make the houseguests feel tiny?” Someone hypothesized. Some fans noticed the homes in the background and wondered if the contestants must win a competition in order to enter the house.

‘Big Brother 24’ will have a live move-in

A few weeks after Moonves confirmed Big Brother 24 and Celebrity Big Brother 3, she teased the upcoming season with a photo of herself standing out of the BB house.

A month later, Moonves CBS revealed the premiere date of July 6, 2022. Jesse Tannenbaum, who served as casting director for Big Brother: Over the Top and BB23, will resume duties for the new season, which is confirmed to feature all-new houseguests.

The contestants are set to compete for the $750,000 grand prize, which was first increased by $250,000 last season. Additionally, BB24 premieres live and will feature another live move-in. As a result, the Live Feeds will likely start after the PST premiere.

The audience should also return in total capacity for live eviction shows as COVID-19 pandemic prevented it for the past two seasons. Big Brother 24 premieres July 6 on CBS.

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