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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Week 1 nominations and Power of Veto results.]

Michigan-based pageant queen Taylor Hale hasn’t been able to connect with most of the Houseguests during her first few days on Big Brother 24. The other female players seemingly wrote her off after the first night, and she hasn’t been able to gain a footing since then. Many viewers don’t like how the others are treating Taylor and believe the house isn’t a “safe environment” for her.

Taylor Hale is on the outs during ‘Big Brother 24’

Shortly after moving into the Big Brother house, the houseguests began getting to know each other better. Taylor Hale started talking with the guys first, upsetting Alyssa Snider and Paloma Aguilar, who felt she didn’t want to work with them.

They expanded their final two into an all-girls alliance, Girls’ Girls, with Indy Santos, Ameerah Jones, Jasmine Davis, and Brittany Hoopes), excluding Nicole Layog and Taylor.

The group decided they would target Taylor at their first opportunity. Already wanting her out, they became annoyed with nearly everything she did, finding her untrustworthy and “rehearsed.” They didn’t like how Taylor asked others to wash their dishes and felt she wasn’t sincere when she opened up about her past at a dinner.

Many of the Houseguests clearly began ostracizing Taylor, and she noticed it. At one point, the Michigan native broke down in tears. It’s not clear why she got so emotional, but it’s believed that she overheard Paloma talking badly about her.

Many fans are calling the house an unsafe environment for Taylor

Due to Taylor’s treatment in the house, many fans have expressed they feel the house isn’t a “safe environment” and hopes she goes home soon after initially rooting for her.

One fan noted that the others aren’t playing the game anymore and are only finding reasons to “shame and humiliate” the Michigan-based pageant queen.

Calling it “racially motivated,” the user claimed her treatment “is horrifying to watch.”

Someone else added the other Houseguests are “getting way too out of hand,” and another viewer thinks fans should vote for her as America’s Favorite Houseguest. Many have tagged CBS in their tweets, hoping the network will talk to the other players.

Taylor will likely get put up as a replacement nominee during Week 1 of ‘Big Brother 24’

The first Head of Household of the season, Daniel Durston, nominated Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins for eviction, with the former as the target due to his super fandom. He used the excuse that neither had talked that much game to him, considering it his most straightforward way out with minimal blood on his hands.

Michael won the Power of Veto, causing the Houseguests to scramble as Daniel didn’t have a backup plan. Wanting to stick to his lack of game talk reasoning, the HOH tossed Indy and Taylor’s names out there. However, a situation with Monte Taylor might have him leaning more toward the Michigan native.


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Monte informed Paloma that Taylor told him her plan to target the strong males. Paloma promised him that wasn’t true, although she and Alyssa have discussed temporarily aligning with the guys before cutting them at some point.

The news got around the house and to Daniel, who is leaning toward nominating Taylor as a replacement nominee. He’s already expressed his intention for the person he puts up to go out unanimously and knows the house will be behind him if he targets Taylor. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.