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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 2 Head of Household results, nominations, and Power of Veto winner.]

Throughout Big Brother, pawns have gone home due to the house turning on the Head of Household or the target saving themselves. During the second week of Big Brother 24, a pawn might be headed out the door after volunteering to put himself on the block.

Jasmine Davis is the HOH for ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 2

After Paloma Aguilar decided to leave Big Brother 24, resulting in the cancellation of the Backstage twist and upcoming eviction, the Houseguests faced off for the power of the Head of Household.

Jasmine Davis won, despite injuring her ankle, becoming the HOH for Week 2.

She quickly talked about wanting to target Taylor Hale still as she pointed out how the Michigan-based pageant queen nearly won.

Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli also hoped they would continue to go after Taylor, and he offered himself as a pawn to ensure she went home by the end of the week. However, when Ameerah Jones heard the plan, she realized Pooch presented a bigger target than Taylor and wanted to take the shot.

Joe ‘Pooch’ Pucciarelli volunteered to be a pawn

In a conversation with the current HOH, Jasmine pointed out Pooch’s status as a threat on the block and believed they should take the opportunity to turn on him.

Initially, Jasmine wasn’t convinced, noting that he seemingly had allies, and she didn’t want to get any blood on her hands that week. However, her one-on-ones revealed that the Houseguests working closely with him, including Kyle Capener and Monte Taylor, the latter of whom called Pooch a “wildcard” who spreads information, were OK with him leaving over Taylor.

Additionally, Terrance Higgins pointed out that they might not have another opportunity to take out Pooch but believe the numbers are always against Taylor to get her out when needed.

Even though Daniel Durston noted that he has alliances with Pooch and considers the Florida-based assistant football coach a number for him, the Vegas performer admitted he preferred working with the girls, anyways.

Pooch is likely going home by the end of the week

Jasmine followed through with the plan with the house on her side, nominating Pooch alongside Taylor. She warned Taylor about the upcoming nomination but promised she wasn’t the target.

If the Veto is used, she plans to put up Brittany Hoopes as a replacement nominee but initially fought against putting her up. If Pooch is saved with the Veto, then the target flips to Taylor.


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However, if the assistant football coach is still on the block during eviction night, he will likely leave the house. Michael Bruner won his second POV and debated using it with a strategy of getting Joseph Abdin, who is Pooch’s ally and unaware of the plan, nominated next to the Florida native.

Yet, they seemingly have decided to keep things the same, with Pooch exiting the competition next. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.