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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 24 Week 1 nominations.]

After becoming the first Head of Household of Big Brother 24, Daniel Durston is tasked with putting two people up for nomination. The Backstage Crew – “Boss” Joe “Pooch” Picciarelli and Brittany Hoopes, Alyssa Snider, and Paloma Aguilar – aren’t eligible to get nominated, although the latter three aren’t safe. The Boss, on the other hand, is. Who did Daniel choose as the Week 1 nominations and why?

Daniel Durston talked with other Houseguest about who he should nominate

Shortly after becoming Head of Household, Daniel Durston made a final two with Nicole Layog as he feels they “vibe well” together.

He also aligned with Matt “Turner” and Joe “Pooch” Picciarelli and possibly wanted to add Kyle Capener and Nicole. Additionally, Turner and Pooch suggested Alyssa Snider, but Daniel noted he preferred to get to know her better before choosing to work with her.

During their conversation, Turner thought he should nominate a non-threat, and Pooch agreed, adding the best route is putting up someone who wouldn’t “blow up the block.”

Therefore, Turner threw out Michael Bruner’s name as a possibility. Michael later talked to Daniel and admitted he didn’t want to be the first evicted because he’s a superfan. Shortly before the nomination ceremony, Daniel ran through his thoughts with his number one ally Nicole.

Daniel selected Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins as Week 1 nominations

He admitted to playing up his emotions to show how hard it is for him to have to nominate two people. The current HOH also revealed that he told Monte Taylor he wouldn’t target any strong males but claimed he didn’t mean it and planned to go after them whenever.

However, he doesn’t want to nominate Joseph Abdin and Monte, noting they would probably come after him. Therefore, Daniel said he wants to put a “weaker” player on the block as he thinks they can get “easily manipulated.”

Additionally, he shared his current strategy of nominating people who haven’t tried to talk game with him, considering it the easiest way. He revealed he planned to nominate Michael because the Minnesota native admitted he’s a superfan and Terrance Higgins as they haven’t had any game talk.

Daniel chose to nominate Michael and Terrance, with Michael as the target.

Several alliances have already formed within the first few days

During the first couple of days, a major alliance has already formed.

Named “Girls’ Girls,” the all-female group consists of Indy Santos, Jasmine Davis, Ameerah Jones, and Brittany Hoopes, headed by final two allies, Paloma Aguilar and Alyssa. However, they want to add more guys such as Pooch, Kyle, and Monte so they can help win competitions.


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The group is targeting Taylor Hale because they find her untrustworthy. There’s also an all-male alliance consisting of Daniel, Joseph, Kyle, Monte, Pooch, and Turner.

Additionally, Pooch and Kyle, and Brittany and Turner have final two deals. It’s assumed that Michael and Brittany also have a final two but not official. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.