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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 2 Head of Household results and nominations.]

After Paloma Aguilar’s surprise exit from Big Brother 24, the Houseguests competed for the Head of Household. Who is the new HOH, and who did they nominate for eviction?

Jasmine Davis is the ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 2 HOH

California-based interior designer Paloma Aguilar quit Big Brother 24 before the first elimination. As a result, no one was voted out of the house.

Following the canceled eviction and Backstage twist, the players faced off in the season’s second Head of Household competition. Jasmine Davis became the HOH for Week 2, even after she appeared to injure her ankle during the first part.

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Shortly after her victory, she named Taylor Hale as a potential nominee due to how well she did in the competition. Also wanting Taylor out still, Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli expressed his desire to get nominated as a pawn, believing he had the votes.

When allies Michael Bruner, Alyssa Snider, and Ameerah Jones thought about his offer more, they realized they could flip on him, noting many Houseguests have said they want him out of the game. 

Joe’ Pooch’ Pucciarelli volunteered to be a pawn

After Pooch volunteered to become a pawn to Jasmine, she talked with Ameerah, who pointed out they had the votes to turn on him and should take the opportunity.

After warming Pooch up to the idea that he wouldn’t sit next to Brittany Hoopes as he wanted, the assistant football coach suggests she nominate outgoing Head of Household Daniel Durston because they were the only two safe last week.

Even though Jasmine admitted she was worried about nominating Taylor due to her ability to play in the Power of Veto, the HOH seems willing to target Pooch.

Ameerah then told Nicole Layog about the plan, adding that they don’t perceive Taylor as a threat, and Nicole shared the information with her number one ally, Daniel. Although he’s working closely with Pooch in an all-guys alliance, the Elvis Pressley tribute artist admitted he preferred to work with the girls.

Jasmine nominated Taylor Hale and Pooch during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 2

Jasmine continued to have conversations with the other Houseguests before the Nomination Ceremony. Michael confirmed that he would play in the Veto for her if she picked him, and Alyssa admitted she preferred a bigger target, Pooch leaving this week over Taylor.

During her talk with Kyle, he revealed he wouldn’t care if the Florida native got nominated, and Terrance confirmed that he would vote to evict Pooch. He also pointed out that they have the numbers to vote Taylor out of the house whenever but it’s possible they won’t have another opportunity to target Pooch.


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She shared the logic with Monte Taylor during their talk, which seems to want Pooch out as well, referring to him as a “wildcard” who spreads information. Jasmine told Taylor that she would nominate her but assured Pooch is her target.

Following their conversation, the HOH nominated Taylor and Pooch and said she would put up Brittany post-Veto if one of her nominations were removed. According to Ameerah, only Pooch, Joseph Abdin, and Matt “Turner” are unaware of their plan to target the assistant football coach. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.