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Michigan-based pageant queen Taylor Hale hasn’t had the easiest time during Big Brother 24 and quickly found herself backdoored. She likely would’ve unanimously exited the competition last week if Paloma Agular hadn’t walked. Will Paloma’s surprising exit offer a reset for Taylor?

Taylor Hale was backdoored during ‘Big Brother 24’ Week 1

Paloma Agular didn’t gel with Taylor Hale from the beginning of the competition, and she created the Girls’ Girls alliance with all the female Houseguests except her and Nicole Layog.

Their annoyance with Taylor grew when she strutted around in her custom-made finale dress, and the others began plotting on her.

The Michigan-based pageant queen shared a conversation in which Paloma admitted her concerns about the guys teaming up with Monte Taylor, who is in an alliance with her. Immediately believing Taylor lied to him, Monte told Paloma about it, which she emphatically denied.

After telling the other Houseguests her side of the story, the complex situation got back to then-Head of Household Daniel Durston, who needed a replacement nominee after Michael Bruner saved himself with the Power of Veto. With the support of the house on his side, Daniel backdoored her, and it seemed certain she would leave by the end of the week.

Taylor was saved when Paloma Aguilar exited ‘Big Brother 24’

Following the Veto Ceremony, Paloma began showing signs of sleep deprivation and made several comments that didn’t make sense.

During the July 14th episode, shortly before the Houseguests were set to vote, Paloma revealed her decision to exit the competition early due to mental health.

She didn’t go into details but encouraged her Houseguests and noted she still wanted them to perform well. As a result of her exit, host Julie Chen Moonves announced the cancellation of the Backstage twist, which would pit a nominee and a Backstage member (Alyssa Snider or Paloma) in a competition with the loser headed home.

Additionally, she revealed the Houseguests wouldn’t vote anyone of the house, giving then-nominees Terrance Higgins and Taylor another chance in the game.

Paloma’s exit might have offered a reset for Taylor

After the Head of Household competition, Taylor’s name almost immediately came up as a potential nominee. She has attempted to ingratiate herself with the other Houseguests by helping Jasmine Davis, who injured her foot.

However, it isn’t enough for the Mississippi native as she has continued to bad-mouth Taylor behind her back. Additionally, Daniel feels the Michigan-based pageant queen continually follows him around the house, referring to it as “stalking” and remarking that she doesn’t “deserve to live normally” because of it.


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When Taylor appeared on her way to enter the HOH room, Daniel grabbed his things and quickly ran out. The remainder of the Girls’ Girls alliance hasn’t included her and seemingly attempts to avoid her as well.

However, Taylor has begun working with Michael. He recently revealed that his ideal final four consists of Indy Santos, Brittany Hoopes, and Taylor. As she is seemingly gaining her footing, Paloma’s exit might have offered the Michigan native a second chance. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.