‘Big Brother’: Angie ‘Rockstar’ Lantry Educates JC Mounduix in Mental Health Discussion

Big Brother alumni are always having dialogue and discussions on Twitter, and a recent one between season 20 stars Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and JC Mounduix got a bit heated as the former educated the later about mental health issues.

Angie 'Rockstar' Lantry and JC Mounduix on 'Big Brother'
Angie ‘Rockstar’ Lantry and JC Mounduix on ‘Big Brother’ | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

Angie ‘Rockstar’ Lantry and JC Mounduix on ‘Big Brother

Both Lantry and Mounduix were on the twentieth season of Big Brother. They were on opposite sides of the house. Lantry was a part of the FOUTTE/The Hive alliance. Mounduix was not in one of the major two alliances but always sided and voted with the Level Six alliance.

Lantry placed tenth and was the second member of the jury. Monduix made it all the way to third place and was the final member of the jury.

The Twitter discussion on mental health and disabilities

The discussion started when Mounduix tweeted that he wanted to start a program that helped people with mental health, but then named things like autism and down syndrome, which are not mental health.

Lantry responded to his tweet and said, “There’s a difference between mental health and special needs, learning those vast differences is a great starting point.”

After sending out a tweet of clarification, Mounduix’s fans seemed to give him kudos for wanting to learn more. He responded to one of them saying, “I know, I was actually watching a documentary from the bbc where professionals were referring to ways of combating autism as mental health. But it’s just rockstar, u just gotta agree and wave. Let her get her likes.” Lantry fried back at this tweet, saying, “Excuse me… Let me get my likes? You know one of the kids is autistic right? Im not talking out my a**.”

Fellow Big Brother alum, Nick Maccarrone also got involved, commenting on both of Mounduix and Lantry’s vantage points.

The discussion seemed to end after Mounduix accused Lantry of trying to “read him” while she stood her ground.

Big Brother returns this year to CBS for a new season.