‘Big Brother’: Are Those Moments of Houseguests Crying Scripted or Real?

Houseguests are often getting emotional on Big Brother and that sometimes includes crying. Fans may wonder if those moments are scripted or real. Here is what’s scripted and what really leads up to those tearful moments.

Sometimes houseguests are fed lines in the diary room

Rachel Plencner on ‘Big Brother’ season 6 | Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Fans could probably tell that sometimes houseguests are naturally talking about their time in the house, and other times they are being fed lines. Big Brother 4 winner, Jun Song reportedly wrote about this.

“The diary room only puts words in your mouth when you have to explain instructions for a competition, or if they need you to repeat something more clearly, but that’s about it,” she wrote on her website according to Reality Blurred.

If those crying scenes aren’t scripted, then what leads to them? A previous winner who cried a lot talked about it.

Some houseguests break down crying because they’re superfans

Living in a house where you’re constantly watched has gotten to many houseguests in the past. That has led to a lot of tearful moments in the house and in the diary room.

Josh Martinez, who won season 19, was known for crying a lot. He talked about why that was the case.

Oh, I cried every other day,” he told Us Weekly. “People don’t understand but being such a huge fan I never thought I would be picked. Being the chubby guy, being the Cuban loud moth, I never saw someone like me on the show and I never thought that I would get that call.”

He continued, “For me being on the show every single day was surreal. I always woke up extremely grateful and blessed. No matter what happened the night before or what arguments I got into my heart was filled with joy every moment. Not only that, I was playing for my family.”

Sam Smith said the feeling of being alone makes you cry

Not everyone cries because they’re grateful for the experience. It’s also because they really miss home. Sam Smith from Big Brother 21 talked about how crying could help your game with others and that might have been the reason why he was evicted.

“Somewhere something went wrong. I think [Kathryn Dunn] might have cried more than I did,” said Smith when talking to Julie Chen on the August 1 episode of Big Brother 21. “I think I should have whipped up some tears and went in there was like ‘Yo, my family!'” He added, “Obviously I should have played more of a pity party.”

Chen said, “Speaking of tears we did see you cry in the diary room and you were saying ‘I always said why do people cry in this game?” and then you were crying. Explain why do people cry in the Big Brother house.”

Smith answered, “Well, you feel all alone in there. You’re by yourself and having two little boys and a beautiful wife I miss them so much. It almost makes me cry on a dime. Just right there I could cry and when you’re around them all the time you don’t really have a chance to miss them perse. When you’re in there for 44 days just like all your emotions comes out.”

He did say that you want to hold in your emotions most of the time, but when you’re in the DR you let it all out. In the end, those tears are all real unless houseguests try to use them to manipulate others. That’s mostly because they feel lonely or grateful to be in the house.