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Six years after finishing runner-up in Big Brother 16, Cody Calafiore returned for Big Brother 22 and won unanimously. In a recent interview, he talked about the impact of social media on the game and the dangers of playing for the fans while inside the house.

Cody Calafiore thinks social media makes players ‘scared’ to compete

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly shortly before the Big Brother 24 premiere, season 16 runner-up and season 22 champ Cody Calafiore opened up about how he believes social media impacts the game.

When asked about his adjustment to the outside world after his time in the Big Brother house, the 31-year-old admitted he considered “dealing with social media” afterward his least favorite part.

According to the two-time player, he believes the internet has heavily impacted the game and thinks it makes houseguests “scared” to make big moves.

Even though Cody noted he likes how social media holds people “accountable” for how they behave while competing, he also pointed out that it makes houseguests “try to play that outside game.” The New Jersey native continued and explained that when contestants attempt to pander to the viewers and do something they believe the fans want, it ends up “ruining your game.”

Cody talked about the dangers of playing the ‘outside game’ while in Big Brother’s house

He named BB23’s Brandon “Frenchie” French as an example and noted that the houseguest admitted to “playing to the fans too much,” which he feels cost his game.

Additionally, he pointed out the fans didn’t receive Frenchie well following his exit. Cody continued his explanation and compared social media to a “court.”

According to the BB22 champ, it’s difficult to deal with as the houseguests are still reeling from their experience and “think you need to say all the right things.”

He closed by advising upcoming houseguests, noting, “you have to be yourself. Because now if you’re not yourself and then you come out and have to answer to things that you weren’t really being true to yourself, it becomes another dynamic that makes it harder for you to deal with.”

Cody won ‘Big Brother 22’ unanimously 

The New Jersey native initially competed on Big Brother 16 in 2014, where he and Derrick Levasseur quickly formed a Final Two deal.

He chose to remain faithful to his Hitman partner and took his ally to the end, even though he had a clear path to victory against Victoria Rafaeli. Cody’s decision to sit next to Derrick, who beat him in a 7-2 vote, is considered one of the worst moves in franchise history.


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He returned six years later for Big Brother 22: All Stars and played a more aggressive game as he made multiple final two deals and joined several fake alliances.

The two-time player’s affiliation with dominating alliance, The Committee, kept him safe, and he protected himself after its demise by winning several competitions. His physical prowess and strong gameplay awarded him the unanimous victory, making Cody the second US houseguest behind season 10’s Dan Gheesling to play a “perfect game.” Big Brother 24 premieres on July 6, 2022, on CBS.