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Big Brother popular showmance and now married couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graff competed on The Amazing Race shortly after season 19 and won. Cody recently detailed how he was approached for the series and got “snuck out of the jury house” to obtain documents for the travel-based competition show.

Cody Nickson revealed he ‘snuck out of the jury house’ to prepare for ‘The Amazing Race’

In a June 2022 Instagram story, reality star Cody Nickson described how he was approached for the CBS competition series The Amazing Race while living in the jury house during Big Brother 19 (2016).

Answering a fan’s question, the Texas native revealed that “literally five days” after BB concluded filming, he and now-wife Jessica Graf, who was voted out before him in the same season, began running The Amazing Race together.

He explained that a higher-up executive producer privately spoke to him at the jury house when “everyone else was distracted” and asked him if he wanted to compete on the show. After discovering that Jessica had already agreed, Cody noted he had signed the contract.

However, an international driver’s license is required for the travel show, which the BB star didn’t have at the time. Therefore, he recalled getting “snuck out of the jury house,” wearing some sort of “disguise” to obtain it. According to the Texas native, he apparently discovered “some intel about the show” when he temporarily left the jury house but didn’t go into detail.

Cody and Jessica met on ‘Big Brother 19’ and won ‘The Amazing Race 30’

While competing on Big Brother 19, Cody and Jessica quickly fell for each other, becoming a powerful showmance. They started the season strong when he became the first Head of Household and established a massive alliance of other couples.

However, they were relegated to the bottom when the house flipped against them.

The pair continued to fight, becoming a fan-favorite couple due to their underdog status, but she was evicted pre-jury. Cody went out shortly behind her but became the first member of the jury before winning America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Shortly after their appearance, the couple competed on The Amazing Race 30 as a Dating Team and won, receiving the million-dollar prize. Cody and Jessica are currently the only BB alums to win The Amazing Race and were the only ones to win another reality competition show until BB20 champ Kaycee Clark’s The Challenge victory in 2021. 

Jessica and Cody are currently expecting their third child

A few months after winning The Amazing Race, Cody proposed to Jessica on Valentine’s Day 2018.

The pair married shortly later in October of the same year before announcing they were expecting their first child a few weeks later. Cody and Jessica welcomed their daughter Maverick on St. Patrick’s Day in 2019.


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In May 2020, they revealed they were expecting their second child and welcomed another daughter Carter York in October 2020.

Jessica is currently pregnant, and the couple is expecting their third daughter, revealed as Atlas Ruby, in August 2022. The family lives in Texas, where they raise their children. Big Brother 24 premieres July 6 on CBS.