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Diary Rooms in Big Brother are typically used for Houseguests to release their emotions and reveal their true strategies in the competition. However, BB17 champ Steve Moses explains how future Houseguests can use DR sessions for their gameplay.

Steve Moses explains how Houseguests should use Diary Room sessions to their advantage

Seven years after winning the $500,000 prize, Steve Moses spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his experience before and after Big Brother 17.

While he couldn’t “pin down any specific regrets,” the New York native admitted he felt he “underused the Diary Room in my game.” Therefore, instead of only using the DR sessions to release emotions and detail strategy, Steve encourages future Houseguests to use it to their advantage.

“Pay attention to what they’re not asking you about,” he advised. The BB17 champ went on to explain that he “found it odd” that the producers hadn’t asked him about alliance Freaks & Geeks (which became the Scamper Squad) for several weeks before bringing it up and asking him about a name change.

According to Steve, the line of questioning should have made him think about why the producers waited so long to bring it up, which he feels would have caused him to discover the bigger alliance he was unknowingly a part of, the Sixth Sense sooner.

Derek Xiao previously talked about producers seemingly suggesting moves in Diary Room sessions

During Big Brother 23, Derek Xiao talked about a Diary Room session in which he had a conversation he felt was helpful to his gameplay, in hindsight.

The well-liked Houseguest opted not to play for safety in the Chopping Block Roulette because he wanted to save up his BB Bucks for the upcoming Coin of Destiny. Additionally, he felt somewhat safe with Sarah Beth Steagall as the Head of Household as he previously allowed her to keep $5,000 won in a competition.

However, she still planned to backdoor him, considering him the biggest physical and social threat remaining. After the Power of Veto competition, which Derek wasn’t selected to play in, he talked to allies Tiffany Mitchell and Claire Rehfuss about a conversation he had in the Diary Room.

According to “Baby D,” a producer asked him multiple times about playing in the Chopping Block Roulette. Initially, Derek didn’t think anything of it but later figured out they were warning him as Sarah Beth already had her DR session in which she likely revealed her ultimate plan. It worked as Derek was backdoored and evicted that week.

Steve won ‘Big Brother 17’ in 2015

In Week 2 of Big Brother 17, the Sixth Sense alliance (Austin Matelson, Clay Honeycutt, Julia Nolan, Liz Nolan, Shelli Poole, and Vanessa Rousso) formed when they realized another group began targeting them.

After Clay and Shelli’s evictions, the crew remained together but invited Steve to become the Scamper Squad. For the majority of the competition, he allowed Vanessa to take the lead, and she successfully got their alliance to the final six.


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Wanting to turn on her as he believed he couldn’t win next to each other, Steve started playing a more aggressive game at the end and made big moves, including evicting Vanessa.

Even though the jury perceived him as a floater, the New York native articulated his strategy and proved he played the better game, resulting in a 6-3 victory. Big Brother 24 premieres on July 6, 2022, on CBS.