‘Big Brother’: Do Houseguests Get Any Privacy? Sam Smith Talks Secret Rooms and More

The interesting thing about Big Brother is that the cast is watched all the time. Fans still might wonder do houseguests ever get any privacy?

Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to Sam Smith, who was on Big Brother 21, over the phone on Aug. 12. Find out what he had to say about what it’s like to live in the house.

Other houseguests heard Sam Smith in the diary room on Big Brother 21

Sam Smith on 'Big Brother'
Sam Smith on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

The diary room (DR) is the place where houseguests can say what they’re really thinking hopefully without other people hearing. Smith was known for being pretty loud there and there was a reason for that.

“When you’re in the DR like I’m sure it’s soundproof and everything anyways, but I would go in there screaming and yelling because that’s who I was,” Smith told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

He added that he knew when to tone it down. “And also if you noticed if I would go to talk game like hardcore deep game I wasn’t super, super loud. There were times that I would come out of the DR and my throat was like hurting me of how loud I am.”

There were times other houseguests heard him. He wasn’t too worried about that because he was often yelling, “Send it!”

“Plus the things they heard was me yelling at the top of my lungs you could barely make out what I was saying anyway from what I gathered,” he said.

There is no privacy even in hidden rooms of the Big Brother house

Fans can see there are cameras all over the Big Brother house. However, there are places they don’t see.

“There’s no privacy at all like at all,” said Smith. “Even in rooms, you don’t even see. There’s no privacy. There’s always someone watching so it’s part of the game. This is what we signed up to do.”

That meant houseguests need to find other ways to let their feelings out. Smith admitted he let a couple of tears out in the shower. He also described how the DR can feel like an escape when things get heated.

“You purposely go in the DR because you don’t want your other houseguests to think that you’re soft and mushy and you wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re easily manipulated,” the truck driver explained. “So you go into the DR to get away from everybody to get that release. Because sometimes you just need a good cry.”

Smith said there are little adjustments after the show

What is it like going from having no privacy to being alone after the show? Smith talked about his experience.

“So for the very first night when I would go shower after I got evicted I hopped into the shower and I had a heart attack because I thought I left my mic on because I never had taken my mic off.” Smith said, “It’s little adjustments like that.”

He did go on to talk about going back to life after Big Brother. “It’s actually not too shabby,” he said. “It’s not too bad. I know some people have different experiences. But for me, I think being older it’s just like you know when you’re in the game. You know when you’re out of the game.”