‘Big Brother’: Fans Plead for the Show to Take Casting Notes From ‘The Circle’

The Circle has found breakout success on Netflix and is a welcome new entry to the reality television pantheon. Many fans on social media are hoping that the Big Brother casting process can take a few tips from The Circle.

Big Brother 21 cast
Houseguests of Big Brother 21 L-R bottom row: Jack Matthews, Analyse Talvera, David Alexander; L-R 2nd row: Holly Alexander, Kemi Fakunle, Jessica Milagros, Ovi Kabir, Isabella Wang, Nicole Anthony, Tommy Bracco; L-R top tow: Jackson Michie, Cliff Hogg, Sam Smith, Kathryn Dunn ,Christie Murphy, Nick Maccarone | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images)

‘Big Brother’ has been in hot water for houseguests making racist and sexist remarks

It is almost an annual controversy for Big Brother when eventually, many houseguests make racist or sexist remarks. This happened the most during the show’s infamous 15th season.

There was a lot that happened during the most recent 22nd season, in which an African American houseguest, Kemi Faknule, was bullied in the house and many people attributed it to the fact that she was a Black woman.

During the season finale, the three houseguests evicted: Faknule, David Alexander, and Ovi Kabir confronted their fellow cast members about the things that they said on the show.

For years, many fans have wanted Big Brother to vet its houseguests better and to allow for more diversity in the casting process.

Fans want the ‘Big Brother’ cast to look like the cast of ‘The Circle’

Netflix’s The Circle, which originally began in the U.K., has been acclaimed by viewers on social media because of the diversity in its cast. For the most part, bigoted statements were not made and fans are attributing it all to the show’s casting.

One fan tweeted to Big Brother’s casting director, Robin Kass: “After the s**t show of a cast last year (minus Nicole,) I’m done with Big Brother. You need to take some advice from The Circle casting director.”

Another person tweeted, “I want whoever is casting The Circle to cast Big Brother.”

“Its [sic] crazy how The Circle on the first go got this great cast and Big Brother is still casting sexists/racists,” said someone else.

“Can you imagine how great Big Brother could be if the people who produce #TheCircle took over casting?” said another.

Big Brother season 22 comes on CBS this summer. Netflix hasn’t officially announced a second season of The Circle, but given its popularity, a new season announcement should be expected soon.