‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie and Holly Allen Break up After Nearly a Year

Holly Allen and Jackson Michie, the last standing showmance of Big Brother 21, have officially parted ways after nearly a year of dating.

Holly Allen Jackson Michie
Jackson Michie and Holly Allen | Ari Perilstein

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen met on ‘Big Brother 21’

In June 2019, then 24-year-old Los Angeles-based server Jackson Michie and then 31-year-old wine safari guide Holly Allen both competed on Big Brother 21. They were a part of the same alliances from the beginning of the game and eventually solidified a romance.

After ally Jack Matthews exposed Holly’s prior relationship with Kathryn Dunn, the two were isolated from their alliance. Therefore, Jackson went on a challenge streak and aligned with Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony.

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The alliance and their numerous wins landed the showmance in the Final Two seats. Even though a few female jury members didn’t appreciate Jackson’s way of speaking to them, they felt he played a better game and awarded him the win in a 6-3 vote.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen continued dating after ‘Big Brother 21’

Immediately after filming wrapped, the couple partied in Las Vegas with a few of their castmates, and Holly took them on a tour of her winery. In January 2019, only a couple of months later, the two moved into a LA apartment together. They also spent Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with hers.

In March 2020, the two were quarantined together due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and rarely left the house as Holly is considered “high risk.” Therefore, the couple adopted a rescue dog, they named Sahara, and put their time into training her.

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A month later, Holly went back home to Wyoming, and Jackson visited his parents in Nashville, sparking break up rumors. However, the two denied it. A couple of weeks later, they announced they had broken up.

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen break up after a year of dating

In Holly’s Instagram post, she explained that she “started another adventure” alone. The 32-year-old called Jackson “amazing” and said she “wouldn’t change the experiences for the world,” but noted their “fundamental character traits simply don’t line up” and “priorities don’t match.”

Additionally, the wine safari guide stated she “cannot compromise my own integrity” and has learned a lot about herself while in the relationship with Jackson. She also claimed she “knows what I deserve” and is “excited for this new chapter and where it will lead me” even though she’s currently “hurting” from the breakup.

Holly closed her statement with promising that she’ll “always be Sahara’s mom.” A follower commented and noted it sounded like she made a “little dig on Michie,” and Holly replied she “will always love him. Just different paths is all.”

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Jackson also announced the breakup on his Instagram account, writing, “sadly life will be taking us in different directions.” He claimed they are not parting ways due to “bad actions or words, rather, two people who deeply love each other” and have recognized that “a relationship may not be for the best.”

Additionally, Jackson noted that Holly “will forever hold a special place in my heart.” Holly still has her dog Jackson, who she adopted in 2016 and named after a Wyoming ski resort, while he will keep Sahara.