‘Big Brother’: Kathryn Dunn Claps Back After Former Fan Chastises Her

Kathryn Dunn was one of the more memorable personalities of the controversial 21st season of CBS’s Big Brother. Recently, she fired back after someone who called themselves a fan criticized her on social media.

Kathryn Dunn on 'Big Brother'
Kathryn Dunn on ‘Big Brother’ | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

Kathryn Dunn on ‘Big Brother’

While Dunn was never in the major alliance of the house, Gr8ful, she allied herself with them for most of the early votes. After the loyalties in the house were exposed, she and the other outsiders made an minority alliance, Cliff’s Angeles. The other alliance members were Cliff Hogg III, Nicole Anthony, and Jessica Milagros.

She was placed 10th in the competition and became the second member of the jury.

Kathryn Dunn and Nick Maccarone are still going strong

Dunn was also shown to be in somewhat of a showmance with her fellow houseguest, Nick Maccarone. They weren’t really together in the house but it seems as if their relationship was strengthened during the jury and after the show was over.

The relationship has been a bit controversial as Maccaronne was also in a showmance with Bella Wang, who was voted out of the house before jury.

She gave an update on their relationship back in December. “We’re really having a lot of fun. You know, just getting to know each other out in the real world, ’cause even though you do get to know each other on a deeper level in the Big Brother house, I mean you don’t have to experience things like going to the grocery store together, paying bills, stresses of finances, so we’re still, of course, getting to know each other outside of the house. I really like him a lot,” she said.

The ‘Big Brother’ star shuts down a fan

Dunn posted a video this week on Twitter at Choctaw Casinos in Oklahoma. In the video, she was wearing a fuzzy purple top and shorts. She captioned the photo, “Purple people eater vibez.”

Then someone responded to her video, lashing out at the reality star. “Why are you turning into a whore? And Nick? Really? Dude Talk about lowering your standards…. You we’re [sic] my Fab bb player but d**n your ruining your own fan crowd,” they said.

Dunn fired back at the alleged fan, saying, “I literally posted a video with a IG filter how does that make me a whore lmaooooo.”

Several fans also came to Dunn’s defense. “Don’t listen to those idiots! There are so many people on social media who just have nothing better to do than to criticize and tear people down,” said one person.

“Yes let’s slut shame because someone got a boyfriend & used a filter. Let’s remember that next time you use a filter & get a significant other. People are stupid Kat, I love you & nick!” added another.

Big Brother will be back for its 22nd season later this year on CBS.