‘Big Brother’ Legend Dr. Will Kirby Reveals His Top 3 Players of All Time

Dr. Will Kirby is considered one of the greatest players to compete in Big Brother, as many future Houseguests have attempted to emulate his style. He recently named his top three players, and his favorite might surprise you.

Derrick Levasseur is Dr. Will Kirby’s third top player

In a video uploaded to Reddit, Big Brother legend Dr. Will Kirby shared his top three players. He started with Derrick Levasseur, who won season 16 in 2014.

The Rhode Island-based cop pretty much controlled everything in the house from the first week of the competition.

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Derrick created and joined several alliances, some that were fake, for protection and managed to orchestrate numerous blindsides without others figuring out that he was playing all sides of the house.

He made his way to the Final Two when his ally Cody Calafiore made the controversial decision to take Derrick to the end, all but assuring the Rhode Island native’s victory. Due to his masterful gameplay and how future Houseguests have copied his strategies, Derrick is considered one of the best players in franchise history.

Dr. Will Kirby named Dan Gheesling as his second top player

Michigan-based teacher Dan Gheesling competed on Big Brother 10 in 2008. After finding himself at the bottom early in the game, he remained in the house by throwing competitions.

Dan began playing a more aggressive game and secretly turned on Jessie Godderz as America’s Player, a move that earned him the “Judas” nickname.

Due to his alliance with Memphis Garrett and strategy of convincing others to throw competition to him, Dan made it to the Final Two alongside his ally. He unanimously won, becoming the first Houseguest to do so in the American franchise.

The Michigan native returned for season 14 as a Coach before the game turned individual. Even as a returning winner, he made it to the Final Two alongside Ian Terry. However, his cutthroat gameplay resulted in a 6-1 loss.

Dr. Will considers Ian Terry the top ‘Big Brother’ player

The season 2 champ named Ian his top Big Brother player due to his “supreme backgammon skills.” Dr. Will continued, “if that won’t get you laid, I don’t know what will.”

In 2012, Ian, a 21-year-old engineering student at the time, competed on Big Brother 14 as a member of season 7 champ Mike “Boogie” Malin’s team.

Ian quickly turned on his coach when the game turned individual and proved himself a physical threat by winning four Head of Household and two Power of Veto competitions. He became the final HOH and decided to sit next to Dan, believing he had the best chance to win against him.

It paid off as Ian nearly unanimously defeated the former champ. He returned almost 10 years later for BB22: All Stars as one of two former winners. Ian quickly teamed up with the only other champ Nicole Franzel, but she had stronger loyalties, eventually deciding to evict him in 11th place. Big Brother 24 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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