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Big Brother 21 contestants Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn began their controversial relationship during their stay in the Jury House. A segment highlighted the new relationship, and fans started blasting them because he seemingly dated Isabella Wang at the time.

However, Dunn defended her boyfriend and claimed the clip “cheapened” their relationship. They have since continued to hang out, and Maccarone has made a few appearances on her YouTube channel.

Nick Maccarone
Nick Maccarone | Bruce Glikas

Not only have the two confirmed they are in love with each other, but they have dropped hints that Maccarone would be interested in moving to Dallas, Texas, with her.

While Dunn partied in Mexico with other influencers, the therapist flew to a “surprise” location. During his flight, he answered several questions from followers and shared his favorite quality of his girlfriend.

Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn began dating after filming ‘Big Brother 21’

When Kathryn Dunn first entered the Big Brother house, she almost immediately had a thing with eventual winner, Jackson Michie. However, he cut it off to date alliance member Holly Allen while Dunn tried to shoot her shot at former BB contestant, Brett Robinson.

At the same time, Nick Maccarone became very close to houseguest Bella Wang, and he announced his love for her several times. The revelation that Dunn and Allen previously knew each other resulted in the marketing executive’s eviction, and she joined the Jury in Week 7.

Maccarone arrived two weeks later, and the two forged a surprisingly strong connection in the Jury House. During Big Brother 21, a segment featuring the Jury aired and showed the new relationship, which caused fans to send Maccarone hate as they believed he cheated on Wang.

Dunn also denounced CBS for airing the clip because she felt it “cheapened” her newfound relationship. The two have continued to hang out after the show, and they went to a Dallas Cowboys football game as well as a game during the MLB World Series together.

The couple also filmed a question and answer video where they both admitted they were in love.

Nick Maccarone shared his favorite quality of Kathryn Dunn

While Dunn is in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico, alongside Ex on the Beach star Daniel Maguire and several others for an influencer getaway, Maccarone flew to an undisclosed location.

During his flight, he answered multiple questions from followers, including his thoughts on football, if he would return to Big Brother and his relationship with Dunn.

Kathryn Dunn nicknames
Nick Maccarone Q&A | via Instagram

Someone asked if they were still dating, and he responded with a thumbs-up hand symbol. Another follower wondered if his relationship with the pageant beauty was serious, and Maccarone replied, “I hope so,” and included a laughing emoji.

He also said he “always calls” Dunn by her entire first name or “mamas.” When asked what Maccarone’s favorite quality about his girlfriend is, the therapist revealed, “She is the goofiest person I have ever met. She makes me laugh.”

Nick Maccarone favorite quality
Nick Maccarone Q&A | via Instagram

Additionally, he admitted he “thinks weddings are a big waste of money” and would opt for a destination one instead. Are wedding bells in sight for the Big Brother couple?