‘Big Brother’ Season 24 Ends in September 2022

Big Brother returns with its 24th season in July 2022. With an end date of Sept. 25, the season will become the shortest since BB14 in 2012. Additionally, it’s confirmed to have all new houseguests.

‘Big Brother 24’ concludes in September 2022

Following Xavier Prather’s historic win, host Julie Chen Moonves confirmed Big Brother 24 and that Celebrity Big Brother would return after a three-year hiatus.

A month after the host teased the new season with a photo of herself outside the house, CBS revealed the premiere date of July 6, 2022. The casting director for Big Brother: Over the Top and BB23, Jesse Tannenbaum, will resume duties for the new season, which is confirmed to have all-new houseguests.

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The players will again compete for the $750,000 grand prize, which was first increased by $250,000 last season. Additionally, BB24 premieres live and will feature another live move-in.

Usually, the houseguests have moved into the Big Brother house around a week before the premiere, resulting in viewers missing important moments that happen in those first few days as Live Feeds aren’t available yet. However, the Feeds will likely start after the PST premiere. Big Brother 24 will last 82 days, with the finale scheduled on Sept. 25, 2022.

‘Big Brother 24’ will be the shortest season since ‘BB14’

Lasting 82 days, Big Brother 24 is set to become the shortest season since season 14.

Seasons 1-6 went for around 80 days before dropping down to 72 for the first All Star season (7).

The days went back up for seasons 8 and 9 before going back to around 75 days for seasons 10-14. Starting in season 15, Big Brother began testing the 90-day format, increasing it to 97 for season 16 and hitting the max of 99 for seasons 18, 20, and 21.

Most recently, BB22 and BB23 went back to 85 days. Season 24 is set to become the shortest season since BB14, as houseguests will only compete for 82 days.

Julie Chen Moonves posted a picture with ‘BB24’ clues

Two weeks before the Big Brother 24 premiere, Moonves posted a picture of herself to social media, teasing that the photo had “clues” for the upcoming season.

Wearing a floral print dress, the host has her hands on her hips and looks up to the sky while standing on a sidewalk with houses behind her.


Many fans took to Reddit hoping to decode the hints, with several pointing out the sunflowers on her dress and her pose looking up. While some noted her head tilt, hinting that it might be a throwback season, others believe she’s looking straight up at the sky, indicating a possible dollhouse theme.

“Everything is bigger in size to make the houseguests feel tiny?” One user theorized. Others pointed out the houses in the background and wondered if the players would have to win a competition to enter the house. Big Brother 24 premieres July 6 on CBS.

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