‘Big Brother’ Star Zach Rance Accuses Production of ‘Rigging’ the Competition and Manipulating Diary Rooms

Many fans have claimed that Big Brother is “rigged” because they feel twists assist favored houseguests and believe production sets up competitions for the contestants they want to win. Big Brother 16 star Zach Rance backed the theory and gave examples for why he’s also convinced the CBS reality competition series is rigged.

Big Brother Zach Rance
Zach Rance | Rob Kim

Zach Rance on ‘Big Brother’ Season 16

In 2014, then 23-year-old recent college graduate Zach Rance competed on Big Brother 16. He joined the Bomb Squad early into the game but exposed the alliance when member Devin Shepherd nominated him for eviction.

The competitor then joined the Detonators, which formed as the Bomb Squad fell apart, as well as Los Tres Amigos alongside eventual runner-up Cody Calafiore and winner Derrick Levasseur.

He won Head of Household in Week 5, and then his allies began forming a plan to eliminate the recent college graduate as they felt he would “rock the boat.”

Therefore, Christine Brecht nominated him for eviction in Week 7, but the Florida-native won Power of Veto and removed himself from the block. His closest ally, Frankie Grande, successfully backdoored him the following week, and the houseguests unanimously made the 23-year-old the fourth member of the Jury.

Zach Rance claims ‘Big Brother’ rigged the competitions

In a May 2020 Instagram Live with Big Brother 21 star Kathryn Dunn, the Florida-based realtor explained why he believes people behind the scenes “rig” the reality competition series.

According to Zach, the production crew placed him in a favorable position to see the names on the drink cards in Otev, the veto competition he won when his allies targeted him.

He claims he had a perfect view of all the names on the cards, whereas houseguests Nicole Franzel and Donny Thompson could not see anything. In a memorable Battle of the Block competition, the houseguests partnered up and had to maneuver a ball into designated holes using chains to win the challenge.

Upset with Frankie for eliminating his girl, Caleb refused to work with the YouTuber, and he won it single-handedly. According to Zach, he and Caleb plotted to get the “celebrity” out of the house.

Once they came up with the plan to throw it and clued the Head of Household in their scheme, the Florida-native claims production dissembled the competition they had planned and built a different one.

When they lined up to start the challenge, Caleb gave his monologue about his decision not to participate in the challenge alongside Frankie. However, after the houseguests saw the competition, Caleb changed his mind and chose to compete so he could ruin it for the YouTuber.

According to Zach, members of the production crew went over to them and stated that Caleb could no longer participate in the challenge. The Florida-native also claimed he heard people behind the scenes loudly rooting for Donnie when he single-handedly won the Big Black Box competition.

Zach Rance says ‘Big Brother’ manipulates diary room sessions

On top of rigging the competitions, the BB16 star is convinced that production staff “manipulates” Diary Room sessions. For example, he claimed houseguest Victoria Rafaeli came out of the Diary Room crying because people behind the scenes informed her that others were talking about her behind her back.

After comforting her even though he also said unsavory things about her, BB called Zach into the Diary Room, where they told him not to believe Victoria.

He then went to the Head of the Household room and attempted to warn others that the production staff were “playing games,” but he claims BB told him to remove his microphone, and they cut the live feeds. While Zach was into the HOH room, they called Victoria into the Diary Room again.

After she exited, she told Zach that she lied, and no one in production ever told her anything. According to the 23-year-old, he claims he went back into the Diary Room, where he got into a full-fledged argument with a production crew member because he felt like they were meddling in the game.

Many people believe Zach, as he previously told the stories at a finale party for Big Brother 21 and other houseguests, walked away from him in an attempt to “disassociate themselves from him.”

However, some do not, including BB21 star Kat who thinks production “loved” her and would have incorporated a twist to save her if the show were rigged.

In a Reddit discussion post, Kat defended her “light-hearted counter-argument” because many fans came for her and called her self-centered.