‘Big Brother’: Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton Just Revealed This Shocking Secret About Their Relationship

Showmances don’t always last after Big Brother, but when they do, the couples are in it for the long haul. One of those couples that lasted, Big Brother season 20’s Chris “Swaggy C” Williams and Bayleigh Dayton just dropped a bombshell on their fans. But some fans may have known about their big reveal already.

Bayleigh Dayton and Chris "Swaggy C" Williams
(L-R) Bayleigh Dayton and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for WE tv

Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton and ‘Big Brother’ and their engagement

Williams and Dayton were on Big Brother‘s 20th season. They were both buzzy contestants even though Swaggy C was one of the first houseguests voted out of the house.

Dayton was able to secure a Head of Household win and lasted for several weeks after Williams, becoming the first member of the jury. The couple faced racist attacks online from fans of the show.

They have been together since the show ended. Those who watched the 20th season will remember that the two got engaged during the season finale. They later moved from Kansas City, which is Dayton’s hometown, to Los Angeles.

After the show they also revealed that Dayton was pregnant at one point but had a miscarriage.

News leaked months ago that they got married

In April 2019, outlets such as SoapDirt reported that while the two posted a video talking about wedding venues, wedding cakes and more, they were actually married already.

SoapDirt posted a story with their actual marriage license. Their papers were submitted on Feb. 1, 2019, and approved on Feb. 17, which is Swaggy C’s birthday. This means the two have been married for almost a year.

The report also suggested that vacations that the two posted on social media could have actually been honeymoons.

They answer their most-asked question

In a recent video posted on Instagram and on their official joint YouTube page, the couple said that they would answer the question that they got the most — are they married? They likely got the question a lot because of the documents that surfaced on the internet.

They confirmed that they were, in fact, married on Williams’ birthday. They said they did not have a ceremony and will have one later on so people can be there.

So why did they get married so soon and quietly? Dayton says in the video that ie t was Williams’ idea and that since he spent his birthday with his exes in the past, he wanted this birthday to be a happy memory. They said they only told their parents and siblings.

Both Dayton and Williams are rumored to be on the new season of MTV’s The Challenge, but that has yet to be officially confirmed.