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Celebrity Big Brother 3 runner-up Todrick Hall got sued for unpaid rent only a month after posting a tour of his new home. Following the news, he posted a message to his “haters” and deleted his Twitter account.

Todrick Hall performing at PlayStation Theater
‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ runner-up Todrick Hall | Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Todrick Hall posted about the downside of ‘fame’ following an unpaid rent lawsuit

The Celebrity Big Brother 3 runner-up started off his lengthy message by claiming his “leave favorite part of ‘fame’” is virtual “hypocritical strangers” who determine who they think he is and then get “upset” when he disagrees with them.

Todrick Hall called himself a “human being” who makes “mistakes” that he learns from but refuses to take responsibility for comments he didn’t make or situations that didn’t happen.

The entertainer continued, noting he’s no longer remaining “silent” as people talk about him and intends on telling his side at some point. “The fact that unreliable and untrustworthy narrators have been able to paint a narrative of me that is false blows my mind,” he added.

Hall took aim at the former employees who have spoken out against him for nonpayment, claiming they used him for “clout” and then painted him as a villain if they are fired on a legitimate basis or when things don’t turn out the way they planned.

Todrick Hall also deleted his Twitter

He then added a “note to self” that reminded him to circle himself with similar individuals and stop attempting to “bring people up from there where they are.”

Hall also wrote a note for his “haters,” which include his former assistant who accused him of sexual assault and those who “come for” other aspects of his life, including his nonpayment allegations and house, claiming he is a “great person” who will “continue to rise.”

The singer thanked his fans and promised to speak his truth soon to prevent them from having to “blindly defend” their favorite artist on social media. He ended his message by pointing out he believed “someone can have petty moments but still be an exceptional human being” and reiterated that he’s not perfect.

“Anybody who’s acting like they’ve never said anything they wouldn’t want the entire world to comment on and judge is lying to themselves,” Hall closed. He then posted a screenshot of his deactivated Twitter account with a Tiana (Princess and the Frog) GIF waving goodbye.

Hall sued for unpaid rent and still facing ‘Celebrity Big Brother 3’ backlash

Following Big Brother 23, several houseguests spent time at Hall’s mansion, even staying there when he competed on CBBUS3.

In February 2022, a couple of days after entering the Big Brother house, Hall published a YouTube video giving a tour of his newly acquired mansion. In the video, he explained he bought the home after checking out 50 other properties, calling it a “dream come true.”


‘Big Brother’ Star Todrick Hall Sued Over House He Showed off in Recent Video

A month later, the homeowner sued Hall for unpaid rent totaling $60,000 after the singer reportedly missed two months of payment. The singer has been under fire for not paying his bills since 2018, when a videographer, former dancers, and other performers who publicly claimed they got stiffed by Hall.

He has responded to some of the allegations as he acknowledged a dancer/choreographer would get paid at some point. The Kinky Boots star also received backlash from his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother 3, as many viewers felt he slut-shamed Shanna Moakler.