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Prince Charles has been waiting more than seven decades to become king. But despite being the longest serving heir apparent in British history, the public is much more interested in what will happen when his son, Prince William, takes his place on the throne. And they’re equally enamored by his beautiful wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

When Prince William becomes the king, Catherine will serve as Queen Consort. This shift in the monarchy will usher in many changes that royal fans can’t wait to see.

Kate Middleton will get a new title when Prince William becomes king

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge outside the City Museum along the Corniche
The Duchess of Cambridge | Samir Hussein/WireImage

There are so many rules when it comes to royal titles that it’s difficult for casual fans to keep track. But according to Insider, Catherine will finally be able to use her name only after her husband becomes the king.

For now, she’s called the Duchess of Cambridge. Some publications refer to Catherine as “Duchess Catherine” but that’s technically a misnomer because she married into the royal family and isn’t a blood relation to the royals.

Once William is king, it’s expected that we’ll be able to call her Queen Catherine. Fans cannot wait for that day. They’re especially looking forward to the official coronation ceremony, which will be less extravagant than William’s but still just as exciting.

Catherine will have more royal responsibilities

William and Kate just celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary on April 29, 2021. Over the past decade, Catherine has been taking on more and more responsibilities and getting a lot of experience with public speaking and greeting the citizens. Over the next decade, those important elements of being a senior working royal will continue being a focus.

And after Prince William becomes King William — or whatever name he chooses — Queen Catherine will inherit more royal patronages as well. William has already shown how much he values her insight. There’s every reason to believe Kate will remain his equal partner even after he’s reigning monarch.

Kate Middleton will usher in a more modern monarchy


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Queen Elizabeth served as monarch though many times of world change. She lived through world wars, times of peace, economic extremes, and even a global pandemic. In many ways, she helped modernize the monarchy. But it’s expected that Catherine will do so even more.

Many U.K. citizens would prefer to skip Prince Charles in the line of succession because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge represent a younger, more exciting face for the stodgy old British monarchy. And even though Kate puts forth a polished exterior, she’s also known for being less stringent with traditions than her elders.

She and William have done more personal interviews, including on shows and podcasts, and spoken frankly about modern issues ranging from mental health to their struggles with parenthood. This makes the couple relatable and down-to-Earth. It’s also a huge departure from what the royal family used to be.

It won’t be long before Catherine becomes the queen, and with that title, will usher in more changes to the monarchy.