‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Will There Be Another Season?

The gist of reality tv is the drama that it provides. The genre is so popular because it airs almost unfiltered and unscripted content most of the time. Shows such as Keeping Up with The Kardashians and the Love and Hip-Hop franchise have been on for this long because of the raw drama that the participants provide to their viewers.

The hit TLC reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life might not be as dramatic as the two mentioned above, but it has its moments. The show has been around for almost a decade, and fans have watched the show’s protagonist, Whitney Way Thore, battle almost everything life threw at her.

In the wake of her ex-fiancé cheating on her and leaving her for his baby’s mother, Whitney got another surprise in the name of her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat. The latest developments on the show have led fans to question whether the last season was the last for the TLC show.

Whitney Way Thore smiling, speaking into a microphone
Whitney Way Thore | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

How much money does Whitney Thore make?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life debuted in January 2015. The show centers on Thore, who lives with a health disorder that caused her to gain more than 230 pounds. Thore had to give up her passion for dancing but later got news from her doctor that allowed her to continue dancing even at 380 pounds.

Thore teaches dance and seeks to empower people going through something similar to her that they too can pursue their dreams and aspirations regardless of who they are or how much they weigh. Thore makes several life adjustments, including adopting a healthy diet to help her with weight loss. She also discovers that she is pre-diabetic and has to make further lifestyle adjustments to help her diagnosis. She seeks the help of a personal trainer to couple up her dance class with to help her lose weight.

Thore makes anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per episode of her reality show, according to Soap Dirt, and has an estimated net worth of $4 million, made from her many business deals, brand partnerships, and her show.

What happened between Chase and Whitney?

Thore has had a few romances here and there on the show. She’s been involved briefly with her friend Buddy Bell. She later moved on with Lennie, Avi Lang, and even had a fling with an online date. In 2018 Thore met her now ex-fiancé Chase Severino through her business partner Ryan Andreas. Things between the couple moved swiftly, and during a trip in October, Severino popped the question at the top of the Eiffel Tower in 2019.

Although fans were elated for the reality TV star, others started pointing out the several red flags in their relationship. Some fans claimed that they found it suspicious that Severino and Thore never expressed any intimacy, which was unlikely of an engaged couple. Others claimed that Severino had proposed way too early, which was also a red flag. Ultimately, Severino ended up cheating on Thore and got another girl pregnant in the process, resulting in their engagement and relationship ending.

Will there be another season of ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’?

It was just last year, Thore and Severino called off their engagement. Thore took to social media to express her sadness and let her fans know that she and Severino were no longer together after Severino impregnated someone “he had a long history with.” Thore told her fans that Severino would be welcoming his child later in the year and that she wished him the best. The previous season ended with Thore receiving a major blow with the arrival of a past love, Lennie, who’d arrived to make sure she was fine after her breakup.

With all that had been going on in the reality star’s life, some fans began questioning whether Thore’s recent troubles could get the show canceled. Soap Dirt reports that TLC renewed the show for another season. Although there is no information about the exact taping dates, fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they will get to see more of their favorite reality stars in the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.