‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’: Whitney Way Thore Made It Clear Her and Buddy Bell Won’t End Up Together

Whitney Way Thore worked as a producer for the radio show that made her famous. Back before her reality TV gig, Thore gained notoriety when her station’s morning show shared her “Fat Girl Dancing” video. As the video went viral, producers from TLC took note. Thore accepted her size and promoted a body positivity movement. All the social media attention landed Thore her own reality show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. It chronicles her life as a 380-pound woman.  

Whitney Way Thore smiling, speaking into a microphone
Whitney Way Thore | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Reality TV star

Thore has experienced weight changes throughout her life — she attributes part of the gain to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The condition affects women’s hormone levels and contributes to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. Her size didn’t stop her from dancing or doing the things she loved. In fact, she built a whole brand around her message to embrace the body you have, no matter the size. 

Her reality show let viewers into her life — showing her experience with PCOS and the symptoms that come with it while also trying to balance a positive attitude. She continued dancing, the reason she found fame and even opened her own dance studio. The show captures her dating life, along with her relationships with family and friends. 

Thore’s dating history

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Thore has had a long line of suitors since her show premiered in 2015, but so far, none of them have been the right fit. Lennie Alehat was the first boyfriend introduced. They dated for over a year and even faced a pregnancy scare, but cheating allegations ended the relationship. They still remain friends, as The Sun reports Whitney saying, “Lennie wasn’t for me, but he is a good person and has continued to support me even though we broke up 2.5 years ago.”

She moved on to Avi Lang next, and the pair dated for six months before Thore found out Lang already had a fiance. The fiance contacted her through social media and told her the devastating news. Not all her love interests turned sour, though. Although Thore and Ryan Andreas went out on one date together, the two worked better as friends. Andreas is a personal trainer and helped design workouts for Thore’s No BS Active. He also introduced her to Chase Severino. 

Andreas and Severino went to college together, which is how Thore met him. The pair quickly hit it off and even got engaged in October 2019. However, the love affair didn’t last long — seven months to be exact. Severino admitted to an affair with a former flame who was carrying his baby. The news devastated Thore as she announced their separation on social media.

Are Whitney and Buddy dating?

After the breakup with Severino, Thore took a hit to her self-esteem. Luckily, her best friend and series regular Buddy Bell was there to help her pick up the pieces. Bell even moved in with the star and was with her during the whole pandemic — buying groceries and cooking for her. Fans of the show are convinced there’s more going on than a simple friendship, but Thore set the record straight. 

Even though the two shared a kiss during an episode of the show, Thore described the whole thing as “weird.” During a Q&A on her Instagram stories, TV Shows Ace reported that Thore was repeatedly asked about her relationship with Bell and why she doesn’t give him a chance. She said they both find the question so frustrating, adding, “It’s not like we’re not giving it chance.” However, she then backtracked saying, we “don’t have those feelings for each other.” Fans aren’t necessarily convinced — they think Bell is a perfect partner for Thore and hope the two will eventually end up together — but no one knows better than Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell.