‘Big Little Lies’: The Strange Thing Shailene Woodley Did To Connect With Her Character

27-year old, Shailene Woodley, is known for her amazing acting talent and for her ability to do things that subvert the norm. Woodley goes out of her way to make ordinary things extraordinary and her approach to acting is no different. In fact, when Woodley was grappling with how to best understand her character, Jane Chapman, on the hit HBO series, Big Little Lies, she used a very strange, yet brilliant technique to help her understand the young mom.

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Big Little Lies

On the brilliant show, Woodley plays Jane Champman, a newcomer to the town of Monterrey, CA. A mysterious yet sweet woman, she quickly befriends Madeline, but find herself with an instant target on her back due to rumors surrounding her son, Ziggy. The mystery surrounding Jane’s decision to move to Monterrey quickly gives way to a traumatic past and she easily becomes one of the most interesting characters on the show. But, just how was Woodley able to embody such a complex character? The 27-year-old says that she has astrology to thank for her success.


In a recent interview with Vulture, the actress admits that she creates astrology charts for every, single, character she plays and that Jane was no exception. A long-time student of astrology, Woodley believes that understanding someone’s star sign can help you to understand why they make the choices that they do and how they move through the world.”It really helps me understand their psychology. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s why she’s so shy'” the Divergent actress admits.

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Jane Chapman is a Taurus

But just what sign is Jane anyway? In Woodley’s mind, the soft-spoken yet fiery mom is a Taurus, but is influenced by other signs also. “I really see her sun sign as a Taurus, but then having some Sag(ittarius) in there somewhere. I think she can be really funny. I think she’s got some Aquarius in there as well because I think the way she sees the world and its possibilities is a little different. The biggest thing for her that is interesting in building a chart is that she — because of the trauma that she had and the trauma that she still has, it changes the way that those things are fired off” Woodley states proudly.

A little woo-woo

For her part, the actress seems to know that others view her particular technique as a little odd, but she doesn’t mind because it brings her a tremendous amount of joy and clarity. “I love it so much. It’s such a woo-woo thing. Sometimes people think it is, but I think it’s actually really cool” The Fault In Our Stars actress says gamely.

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How astrology helped Shailene

But astrology hasn’t just been quintessential to Woodley’s acting career, it has also helped her in moments of struggle in her personal life. Woodley, who is a Scorpio herself, says that she used astrology to get her through a serious bout of depression.

Searching for clarity, the 27-year-old made the decision to get her chart read and initially was skeptical until she realized how accurate it was. “I was like, ‘You, witch lady, are not teaching me anything’, and she knew me better than anyone, and it really freaked me out. But to me, astrology just gives you permission to be yourself without judgment. That’s what I’ve been able to help build my characters from” the actress admitted.

2019 and beyond

Though Woodley’s methods are a little unorthodox, we can’t help but love that she’s found techniques that are so personal and that work for her. Certainly, after seeing her performance on Big Little Lies, nobody could argue that her method isn’t working. We can’t wait to see how the character of Jane continues to evolve throughout this season of the show and we look forward to seeing the talented actress in future projects.

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