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The spooky season means cuddling up on a cold night and watching a worthwhile K-drama. There is nothing better for Halloween than a crime thriller K-drama, and 2022 did not disappoint. Fans have been raving about many different K-dramas that have captured the genre’s attention, with storylines ranging from mob bosses, serial killers, the future, and some supernatural occurrences.

Lee Jong-suk as Park Chang-ho in the 2022 crime thriller K-drama 'Big Mouth.'
Lee Jong-suk as Park Chang-ho in the 2022 crime thriller K-drama ‘Big Mouth’ | via MBC

The Disney+ K-drama ‘Grid’ takes place between the past and future

Disney+’s venture into the world of K-dramas has been fruitful. In 2022, the streaming platform premieres a riveting crime thriller that is perfect for the Halloween season. Its storyline is complex, dark, and gritty and has fans questioning who to believe.

Grid begins in 1997 when a mysterious person appears, saves the world, and disappears without a trace. The ghost saved the world from disastrous winds due to the creation of Grid, a planetary defense shield.

Twenty-four years later, the ghost reappears, but there is a mystery this time. She returns and helps a serial killer escape from two detectives dispatched to arrest him. Jung Sae-byeok (Seo Kang-koon) and Kim Sae-ha (Kim Ah-joong) cannot understand the ghost’s motives.

Grid is available to stream on Disney+.

‘The King of Pigs’ is a chilling 2022 crime thriller K-drama about a killer

The 2022 K-drama is a remake of the popular animated movie of the same name from 2011. The King of Pigs will have any viewers turning on the lights out of fear for its storyline. Starring Kim Dong-wook, Hwang Kyung-min seems like an ordinary man enjoying his life with his wife. In reality, he hides the deep and scarring emotions of school bullying he faced 20 years ago. One day, they resurface.

Meanwhile, Detective Jung Jong-suk, played by Kim Sung-kyu, received a bizarre message from someone he knew during his school days. At the same time, a series of grizzly serial murders begin, and Jong-suk’s investigation leads him to an old friend. The King of Pigs touches upon the reality of school bullying that still takes place in the modern day.

The King of Pigs is available on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Through the Darkness’ has a detective use his powers to uncover serial killers

Fans know a crime thriller K-drama is good when based on a real-life story or already published work. The 2022 crime thriller K-drama, Through the Darkness, is based on a non-fiction novel of the same name. It was written by Korea’s first criminal profiler, Kwon Il-yong, and journalist-turned-author Ko Na-mu.

Through the Darkness takes viewers down a dark path of murder, mixed with the intrigue of what goes on in the mind of a killer. Actor Kim Nam-gil stars as Song Ha-young, a criminal behavioral analyst for Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s (SMPA) Scientific Investigation division. But the storyline occurs when criminal profilers were not routine in murder investigations.

Jin Seon-kyu stars as Gook Young-soo, the leader of the Criminal Behavioral Analysis Team who knows the importance of Ha-young’s work. When a series of terrifying murders occur, their expertise becomes a lifeline.

Through the Darkness is available on Viki.

Actor Ji Sung plays twin brothers looking for answers in the 2022 crime thriller ‘Adamas’

The Devil Judge actor Ji Sung stars as twin brothers Ha Woo-shin and Song Soo-hyun, indistinguishable from one another. Woo-shin is a best-selling mystery writer, while his brother is a prosecutor. The brothers soon learn more about an event from their past that leads them to look for answers.

Twenty-two years ago, their stepfather was murdered. They now learn the killer was their birth father and was given the death sentence. But the startling reveal is also a lie when they discover their birth father was framed for the murder. While investigating, they are aided by two women, one of whom has a secret tied to the brothers.

Adamas is available to stream on Disney+.

‘Big Mouth’ has a lawyer get mistaken as a big crime boss

The 2022 crime thriller K-drama Big Mouth stars actor Lee Jong-suk as Park Chang-ho, a sweet and kind lawyer with a less than 10% win rate. Everyone nicknames him “Big Mouth” for always speaking before thinking. But his life gets turned upside down when he is tricked into going undercover at a prison.


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In return, he gets involved in a murder case, with everyone believing he is a big crime boss named Big Mouse. To protect his family, he investigates a conspiracy about the elite. Meanwhile, his beautiful wife, Go Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-a), is a nurse and learns what has happened and does what she can to clear his name.

Big Mouth is available on Disney+.