‘Big Sky’: Why Fans Are Convinced That Ronald’s Mother Is Actually Dead

Centered around the numerous unsolved kidnappings in a small Montana town, Big Sky also focuses on the bizarre relationship between Ronald Pergman and his mother, Helen. On the surface, it seems nothing more than a mom not appreciating or validating her son’s occupation. However, as viewers continue seeing more of their interactions, some are convinced they aren’t as real as Ronald thinks they are. Many fans believe his mother isn’t actually alive.

Ronald (Brian Geraghty) aggressively confronts his mother on the winter finale of Big Sky
Ronald (Brian Geraghty) aggressively confronts his mother on the winter finale of Big Sky | Darko Sikman

‘Big Sky’ centers around unexplained kidnappings in a Montana town

Based on C.J. Box’s 2013 novel The Highway, the ABC procedural drama created by Big Little Lies’ David E. Kelley premiered in Nov. 2020.

Set in a rural Montana town, the series follows private detectives and lovers Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) and Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) as they team up with ex-cop, and Cody’s estranged wife Jenny (Katheryn Winnick), to investigate two missing sisters.

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After discovering numerous more unsolved kidnappings in the area, the three set off to find the missing girls and stop the kidnapper.

However, Cody also goes missing, forcing Cassie and Jenny to pair up and figure it out together.

Ronald Pergman is a long-haul trucker involved in the kidnappings

Chicago P.D. star Brian Geraghty stars in Big Sky as long-haul trucker Ronald Pergman. When viewers are introduced to him, his mother clearly disapproves of his occupation while he feels truckers are “heroes.”

He later stopped at a truck stop and picked up a young lady working as a prostitute but ended up tasing and kidnapping her. Following a road-rage incident with teenage girls, Ronald tased and kidnapped them as well.

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The lone trucker is also working with highway patrol officer Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch), who helps keep other cops off their trail and facilitates the human trafficking of those kidnapped because he believes it’s cleaning up their community.

While Rick has a wife, Ronald isn’t married but seemingly lives with his constantly worried and peculiar mother, Helen (Valerie Mahaffey).

Some fans are convinced Ronald’s mother is dead

The trucker shares a bizarre relationship with his mother as she encouraged him to relieve himself sexually, and the 38-year-old slept in her bed when he couldn’t sleep. While many fans think the mother just behaves strangely, others believe there’s more to it.

For example, some viewers are convinced Helen isn’t alive and think her presence is in Ronald’s mind. Others compared the situation to Norman Bates of Psycho and believe the trucker killed his mother and kept her corpse in the house.

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Additionally, many fans doubt her existence because of her lack of reaction after he poured cereal on her head. Some believe something happened to the trucker’s mother, which is what Legarski uses to make him continue kidnapping for the trafficking ring.

On the other hand, other viewers think she’s alive because of the odd statements she’s made and saw his mother call his cell phone. However, it’s unclear if his mom really called or if he envisioned it. Big Sky airs Tuesdays at 10/9 Central on ABC.