‘Big Sky’: What Happens When Cassie Confronts Rick in the Hospital?

In the series Big Sky, a lot of developments have happened in just the last few episodes. In episode 8, Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) confronts Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch) after shooting him in the head. Does he remember her though, and how does he react?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Big Sky’]

Kylie Bunbury in 'Big Sky'
Kylie Bunbury in ‘Big Sky’ | Darko Sikman via Getty Images

Cassie Dewell shoots Rick Legarski in the head

Two missing sisters, Danielle (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Grace (Jade Pettyjohn), are abducted by a long-haul trucker named Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty). He’s working alongside Rick, a state trooper, in a sex trafficking ring. Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel) is also being held captive along with the sisters. 

Cassie and her private investigative partner, Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe), and his ex-cop wife, Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick), work the case. But Cody loses his life when Rick shoots and kills him when he gets too close. Cassie and Jenny are unaware at first of Cody’s fate, and they continue searching for Danielle, Grace, and Jerry along with Cody as well.

Cassie and Jenny know that Rick is behind the abductions, and Cassie confronts him when she finds him alone with Danielle, Grace, and Jerry. “I’m going to count to five,” Rick says to Cassie. “If you don’t put your weapon down by the count of five, one of three things will happen. A, I’ll put my weapon down, B, raise it in the air like Alexander Hamilton, C, shoot you. My money’s on C.” 

He counts to four when Cassie shoots him in the head after he refuses to drop his weapon. But he survives, and at the hospital, it appears he has amnesia and doesn’t remember the last couple of years.

What happens when Cassie confronts Rick in the hospital?

John Carroll Lynch in 'Big Sky'
John Carroll Lynch in ‘Big Sky’ | Darko Sikman via Getty Images

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Although Ronald is still on the loose, Cassie decides she’s going to confront Rick and get him to react to knowing her after learning he passed a private polygraph and is going to have a formal one submitted into evidence. If he can’t remember, he will be deemed incompetent for a trial, and he won’t have to go to jail, but a mental health hospital. Cassie and Jenny worry he could then be released. They won’t let Rick get away with this plan if that’s what it is, so Cassie decides to find out for herself. Rick doesn’t seem to honestly remember what he did though.

She knows someone at the hospital that gets her and Jenny scrubs and equipment to pass themselves off as doctors. Wearing face masks, stethoscopes, and hairnets while carrying files, the duo walk toward Rick’s room.

Cassie enters the room wearing glasses as well. She acts like a doctor at first, asking how he feels while Jenny listens in. She checks his eyes with a light, but eventually gets to the point of her visit after closing the blinds.

“I want you to look at me,” Cassie tells him as she takes off her glasses and the face mask. “Look straight at me.” She takes her hairnet off next, and Rick still seems unphased like he doesn’t know her.

“What’s your name?” he asks her.

“Missy,” Cassie says, which is a play off what he kept calling her in the past.

“Missy, I like that name,” he says. “Wanna know why? Because if you can’t remember a girl’s name, you can call her Missy, and she doesn’t know you forgot.”

“I hear some girls don’t like being called Missy,” Cassie replies.

“Like when someone calls me Buddy,” Rick tells her as he shakes his head. “Did I say something wrong?”

‘You remember me now?’

Cassie tells him that she wants him to squeeze her fingers to determine the strength of his hands. She says she’ll count as he squeezes, and she repeats the verbiage that he said to her before she shot him. She tells him at five he can drop his hand, raise it “up high like Alexander Hamilton,” or shoot her. 

“Shoot you?” Rick asks her. Cassie eventually gets in his face, saying her name is Cassie Dewell.

“Cassie? That’s a lot like Missy,” he says. She informs him that she doesn’t like being called that and says to him, “You remember me now?”

Rick gets upset and asks her if he shot her “with an arrow,” confusing her with Grace, who escaped previously that he shot twice.

Jenny confronts Rick as well

After that encounter, Cassie seems convinced that Rick can’t remember anything that went on, but it’s still unclear if it’s all just an act. It’s possible he is just faking the amnesia, but we don’t have confirmation yet. Later Jenny goes into his room and confronts him to get a reaction, and Rick says he’ll “speak” to her. 

“If I did what you say I did, what others are telling me that I did, then I most surely hope to die as well,” he tells Jenny. “Maybe I already have.”

Jenny is convinced that Rick still remembers, and she admits to Cassie that she will “kill him” if he’s allowed to walk free. We’ll have to see how things play out in the next episode of Big Sky.