Some Billie Eilish Fans Are Wondering Whether or Not the ‘Bad Guy’ Artist Will Attend College

This teenager accomplished so much at such a young age. As a result, some fans are wondering if she would ever take a break from stardom to continue her studies. Does Billie Eilish have her sights set on college? Here’s what the “Bad Guy” artist had to say about her experience with school. 

Billie Eilish was homeschooled and reportedly passed her high school equivalency exam when she was 15

Before this artist was an international pop star, Billie Eilish was homeschooled alongside her older brother, Finneas. Her family was considerably close, encouraging Eilish to perform in a Los Angeles-based children’s choir. 

“I was completely swept away by these kids,” her father, Patrick O’Connell, said during an interview with the New York Times. “They were religious Oklahoma home-schooled, but nonetheless. Clearly, what had happened was they’d been allowed to pursue the things that they were interested in.”

Then, Billie Eilish debuted the song “Ocean Eyes.” This song kick-started her career as a young teenager and opened the door for her to perform at Coachella, record an album, and even sing alongside Justin Bieber for a remix of her song “Bad Guy.”

Finneas O'Connell and Billie Eilish perform live on stage at Billie Eilish 'Where Do We Go?' World Tour Kick Off
Finneas O’Connell and Billie Eilish perform live on stage at Billie Eilish ‘Where Do We Go?’ World Tour Kick Off | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Billie Eilish is now 18-years-old

Born on December 18, 2001, Billie Eilish already reached a few career milestones. She debuted her album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? — which was created in part with her brother, Finneas. 

The album received recognition at the Grammy Awards, where Billie Eilish and her brother took home Album of the Year, Pop Vocal Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year. Eilish also earned millions of followers on her social media platform, oftentimes using it to advocate for the environment and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Will Billie Eilish go to college?

With so much success at such a young age, some fans are wondering what’s next for Billie Eilish and her brother. Now that she’s 18-years-old, she could potentially attend college. However, with an upcoming world tour and a recent collaboration with the upcoming James Bond movie, Billie Eilish doesn’t exactly have her sights set on college. 

“I’ve never really been around people my age. I also never went to school,” Billie Eilish said during an interview with Lil Yachty. She reaffirmed that she never really liked school to begin with. (Lil Yachty on the other hand kind of liked school and even went to college for a little bit.)

According to an article from the New York Times, both Billie Eilish and her brother were encouraged to follow their passions. College was never the goal for either of them. In fact, as children, they were allowed to stay up as late as they wanted as long as they were doing something music-related.

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