Billie Eilish Beat Her ‘Biggest Fear’ With ‘Happier Than Ever’ Music Video

To many, Billie Eilish may seem pretty fearless, especially for her age. The Happier Than Ever artist certainly isn’t shy about using her voice. The singer has found success through her music, which covers a plethora of more “taboo” subjects like depression. Furthermore, the 19-year-old has used her enormous platform to call out social injustices, risking criticism to speak her truth.

Happier Than Ever artist Billie Eilish at the 2021 Met Gala
‘Happier Than Ever’ artist Billie Eilish | Ray Tamarra/GC Images

Billie Eilish calls out security during her Governors Ball performance

Recently, Eilish used her voice to call out security during one of her live performances. The “bury a friend” singer was headlining Governor’s Ball over the weekend. While she was performing “everything i wanted” the singer stopped to criticize the security for not keeping their eye on the ball. “Security, why aren’t you paying attention?” she called out over the microphone, which some fans captured on video. “Like, for real.”

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Eilish continued to perform before circling back to security. “Like, for real,” she shared before checking back in with her fans. “One job please. Everybody good? Are you OK? This song is for you.” While Eilish didn’t address the incident further on social media, many of her fans praised her for speaking out. Some even went so far as to call her fearless.

The ‘lovely’ singer admits she has a big fear of water

While Eilish may be unafraid of speaking her mind, she certainly has fears just like anyone else. Surprisingly, one of the biggest fears she had (up until very recently) involved water. In a recent interview with Elle, the Grammy award winner got candid about one of her phobias. “Water used to be my biggest fear—I was terrified of drowning and having my head stuck underwater,” she revealed.

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Continuing on, the songwriter shared that she has a need to attack her fears head-on. “But I’m a daredevil,” Eilish confessed. “I want to do everything that scares me.” In order to overcome her fear of drowning, Eilish made the decision to film a large portion of her “Happier Than Ever” music video underwater.

Eilish overcame her biggest fear for the ‘Happier Than Ever’ music video

Eilish’s fans will recall that the “Happier Than Ever” music video finds Eilish swimming in an underwater house. To achieve this effect, Eilish had to be pulled deep into a giant outdoor tank by a weighted scuba diver instructor. The process was extremely intense, especially for someone who had a fear of water. Ultimately, however, Eilish was incredibly pleased with the way the music video turned out. Furthermore, it helped the singer conquer her fear.

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“Half of the video was shot underwater,” Eilish admitted when speaking about the music video from her sophomore album. “So I pretty much overcame my fear of water. It was f—— crazy, dude.” Eilish certainly put herself through a lot for “Happier Than Ever”. But considering the music video has racked up a staggering 62 million + views in under two months, we’d say it was well worth it.