Billie Eilish Slams People Calling Drake ‘Creepy’ for Texting Her & Millie Bobby Brown

Billie Eilish has proved time and time again that she’s not afraid to say how she truly feels. Now the singer is defending Drake from those who called him creepy for texting her. 2020 is barely underway and already it has yielded immense success for the 18-year-old. The “bury a friend” singer recently took home four Grammy awards, sweeping the four most coveted categories. Because of the increasing recognition, she has received for her music, her fame has also skyrocketed to new levels.

Billie Eilish talks Drake
Billie Eilish |Frederic J. BROWN / AFP

Not only is Billie Eilish a household name amongst non-famous folks these days, but she has also established a rapport with other celebrities. She had the opportunity to meet Justin and Hailey Bieber when they attended her Coachella concert. She also seems to have a budding friendship with Ariana Grande. In an interview she did with Vanity Fair in November 2019, Eilish also revealed that she was in communication with rapper, Drake via text message. She communicated that she found the “Right Hand” singer to be very kind, especially given his level of success.

Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair interview

“But like Drake, c’mon. Drake. Drake is like the nicest dude I’ve ever spoken to. I mean I’ve only like texted him, but he’s so nice. Like, he does not need to be nice. You know what I mean? He’s at a level of his life where he doesn’t need to be nice, but he is. You know?” the “wish you were gay” songstress implored. Though Eilish was singing Drake’s praises, fans were not happy to hear the news that Drake was once again texting teenage girls. As the rapper had previously gotten into hot water for texting Millie Bobby Brown, people began questioning his intentions and motives.

Millie Bobby Brown reveals she and Drake are great friends

“Yes, Drake has a record of grooming under age girls. First was Millie Bobby Brown and now Billie Eilish. It’s weird because Millie said the same exact thing when questioned about her history with Drake “he’s so nice”. Drake is a baby groomer!!” a fan commented under Eilish’s interview. Of course, the fan was referencing an interview Brown gave back in 2018. At the 2018 Emmy Awards show, Brown spoke openly about her friendship with Drake “I love him. I met him in Australia and he’s honestly a great friend and a great role model. You know we text. We just texted each other the other day and he was like ‘I miss you so much,’ and I was like ‘I miss you more,’ he’s great. He’s coming to Atlanta, so I’m definitely going to go and see him. I’m so excited,” the Stranger Things star revealed.

Eilish doesn’t think Drake’s age should keep him from being a fan of hers

Of course, after hearing that Drake texts both Eilish and Brown, the Internet couldn’t help but notice a pattern. People began calling him a creep and wondering if his intentions were sinister. But, Eilish has rushed to the rapper’s defense in her recent interview with Vogue.“The internet is such a stupid-a*s mess right now. Everybody’s so sensitive. A grown man can’t be a fan of an artist? There are so many people that the internet should be more worried about. Like, you’re really going to say that Drake is creepy because he’s a fan of mine, and then you’re going to go vote for Trump? What the f*ck is that sh*t?” Eilish declared. Whatever Eilish thinks, we can’t blame fans for being concerned about the pattern presented. Hopefully, the texting is nothing more than two artists showing appreciation for one another’s art.