Billie Eilish Has Been Going Through an ‘Identity Crisis’ As of Late — ‘I Felt Like I Was Pretending To Be Billie Eilish’

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest stars on the planet, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have moments of insecurity just like everyone else. 

The 18-year-old singer recently revealed that despite the fame and fortune, she still has moments where she struggles to accept her identity as a megastar. In fact, she’s had several experiences in which she felt like she was pretending the be the person she truly is.  

Billie Eilish often feels like she has to prove herself to the world 

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish | Amy Sussman/BBMA2020/Getty Images

While watching clips of her Vanity Fair interviews from previous years, there was a moment when she saw a snippet of herself from 2019, talking about how she interacts with people. Eilish once stated that she feels like she often speaks to people as if she’s in an interview, frequently talking about herself but rarely engaging in a dialogue.

In the most recent Vanity Fair interview, she mentioned that she still struggles with the habit. However, now she is more aware of it and has a positive outlook on how she can change her behavior. 

“Such a good point, I will never stop talking about that,” Eilish said after watching the clip. “I’m glad that I was definitely aware of it a year ago. I feel so much better now. I was so insecure about where I was. So I felt like I was always having to prove like, what I did, and what I do, and like, who I am or whatever. But something about it getting bigger and bigger makes me almost more comfortable not proving myself. 

Billie Eilish has been going through an identity crisis for ‘a while now’

Despite all of the fame, fans, accolades, and adulation, Eilish still struggles to accept who she is. She even recalled a strange moment during a performance in which she completely dissociated from herself, almost as if she was pretending to be herself. 

“For a while now, I’ve been really having an identity crisis, a little,” Eilish said. “I did some like, radio show performance, and the entire show, I felt like I was pretending to be Billie Eilish. Like, I felt like I completely wasn’t looking at myself, as myself. I was just like, totally seeing it from not my own perspective, and it was so weird. Happened multiple times at like award shows and whatever. I just felt like a parody of myself.”

Billie Eilish has worked through her identity struggles a bit


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Although Eilish has struggled with identity issues for some time now, things have improved for the young star lately. She has a better understanding of herself and realizes that she’s a young woman who’s naturally going through changes. 

“I’ve felt a little better about it lately,” Eilish said. “Just like, you forget I’m literally 18. It’s funny that I’m expected to have found myself and stick with it, you know? It’s like, you know, I’m having—I’m trying different things out. I’m trying different ways of living and styles and personalities, and you know, hairstyles and clothing and shoes. And like, I’m just trying it all out because I’m like a growing f—ing girl.”