Billie Eilish Shares Haunting Body-Shaming Video Intended for Her Now-Postponed World Tour

Billie Eilish has something to say to body-shamers. The artist doesn’t shy away from speaking out about difficult topics, and in a just-released short film titled ‘Not My Responsibility ‘ she claims ownership over her body and her fashion choices, addressing critics who have speculated about what she looks like underneath her signature baggy clothing. Fans at the opening show of her ‘Where Do We Go’ world tour in Miami in March were the first to see the video during a concert interlude, and this week Eilish decided to share her words with the world. “Some people hate what I wear. Some people praise it. Some people use it to shame others. Some people use it to shame me,” she says.

Billie Eilish is over the judgment

Billie Eilish wearing sunglasses, holding an award in front of a repeating background
Billie Eilish | Dave Benett/Getty Images

The video isn’t the first time Eilish has addressed the chatter about her body. In an interview with Elle last October, the artist lamented the media attention she received for stepping out of her tour bus in a tank top. “My boobs were trending on Twitter! At number one! What is that?! Every outlet wrote about my boobs!” she told the magazine. Eilish was only 17 at the time. “Someone with smaller boobs could wear a tank top, and I could put on that exact tank top and get slut-shamed because my boobs are big. That is stupid. It’s the same shirt!” she continued. 

The singer isn’t afraid to speak out 

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Eilish has made a name for herself in the past by speaking out about tough-to-discuss issues including her vegan diet and her battle with mental health. In a January 2020 interview with Gayle King at CBS, she revealed that she had struggled to navigate depression in the past. “I don’t want to be dark, but I genuinely didn’t think I would make it to 17,” she said. 

Eilish credits her mother, Maggie Baird, for helping her to pull through by encouraging her to scale back on her demanding tour schedule and put boundaries in place to help manage her busy lifestyle. Her struggle inspired her to speak to fans who may be experiencing similar challenges. “I just grab them by the shoulders and I’m like, ‘Please take care of yourself and be good to yourself and be nice to yourself … don’t take that extra step and hurt yourself further.'” 

Now Eilish has something to say to body-shamers

The artist continues to boldly speak out about issues that are affecting both herself and her fan base. In the ‘Not My Responsibility’ video, she touches on the overwhelming amount of judgment and speculation she’s received from critics. “Do you know me? Really know me? You have opinions. About my opinions. About my music. About my clothes. About my body,” she says, referring to the spotlight she’s been under since she gained notoriety in 2016. She continues, addressing the cultural beauty standards many women struggle to meet, “Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Would you like me to be quiet?  … The body I was born with, is it not what you wanted?” 

In the haunting video, Eilish slowly takes off a loose-fitting shirt to reveal herself in a tight tank top, perhaps a nod to the June 2019 photo that sparked a media frenzy. As she speaks her finals words, she submerges herself into a black liquid, concealing herself from view.

Fans went wild for the new video and spoke out across social media platforms about their appreciation for Eilish’s message. One supporter wrote, “I have always felt insecure about my body and I know it is one of the worst feelings, please don’t listen [sic] what others will say and keep doing what you want. #notmyresponsibility.”