Billy Bob Thornton Didn’t Know He Had a Second Grandchild for More Than a Year, Son Harry Reveals on ‘Ranch Rules’

Actor Billy Bob Thornton’s son Harry James Thornton revealed on the reality show, Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules that his father didn’t know about the birth of his second child for more than a year.

Harry, who has two children, Mia and Nikita, admitted he hid his second daughter’s birth from his father, worried about his father’s reaction. He also shared that he’s been with his children’s mother, Magi for four years, and the couple plans to get married.

Harry Thornton didn’t tell his dad about his second child for 1 1/2 years

He opened up to Redmond Parker about his children after the Ranch Rules cast was tasked with babysitting the rancher’s children. He was filmed having a Facetime conversation with his daughter Nikita, who said hello to Redmond. After the conversation, Harry revealed that he didn’t tell his father about Nikita for more than a year.

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“OK, so I had Mia and I think I was 19 and a half,” he said. “I didn’t know how to tell my dad about the second one. I didn’t tell him for like a year and a half.” Redmond then bursts into laughter. “What?” he asked.

Harry added, “He didn’t know the whole time.

“He was probably so pissed,” Redmond said.

Was Billy Bob Thornton angry about the second child?

A producer wondered how Harry was able to hide the birth of his child from his dad. “Yeah, I mean I saw my dad like once or twice a week,” Harry said. “And I never mentioned it.”

Harry admitted he was scared to tell his dad about the new baby. “I didn’t know how he was gonna take it,” Harry told Redmond.

“When I had my first child, Mia I had to ask him for money,” Harry recalled. “And I didn’t want him to think that I was as immature as I was.”

Ultimately, Billy wished Harry would have told him about Nikita’s birth. Harry recalled his father saying, “Why would I be mad?” he laughed.

“Obviously I’m much older now,” Harry said in a confessional. “But when I had Nikita, my second one, I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want him to think I was how I was when I was younger.” Harry is 27 years old.

He looks up to how his father parented him

Harry views his father as a role model and strives to be the same kind of parent. “My dad traveled a lot when we were kids,” Harry explained in a confessional. “But it didn’t matter how much he worked, he would always make time for me and my brother. Now that I’m a dad, I try to do the same thing my dad did for us. I’ll do anything to make them happy. And I love being a dad. I love my kids and they’re so fun. When I come home it’s exciting. They run up to me and are so excited to see me. Doesn’t happen with anyone else [laughs].”

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Later, when the Ranch Rules cast is in charge of the rancher’s children, Harry expressed being “stressed out” over the notion of babysitting. “I’m not very good with kids,” he admitted in a confessional. “Or adults. Or humans.

And while he was “freaked out” Harry comes out of his shell with the rancher’s kids and has fun after chatting with Ebie Wright. She reminds him, “You don’t have to be super daddy because you have kids. I think the crazy part about it is, I think you overthink it.”

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