Biographer Details Why Meghan Markle Was Described as ‘Meanest Person I’ve Ever Met’ After Difficult Behavior on Commercial Shoot

A royal biographer is sharing unflattering details about Meghan Markle, including her behavior when she shot a TV commercial in Canada. The director described her as the “meanest person I’ve ever met” after working with her.

Meghan Markle smiling in a white hat and coat
Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Author shares Meghan Markle’s behavior on set made her difficult to work with

Tom Bower’s new book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors details the ways Meghan was difficult while filming a series of ads for the Canadian clothing store Reitmans.

Bower claims director Jean Malek wrote about Meghan on Facebook. “She is definitely the meanest person I’ve ever met. Just saying,” Malek posted.

According to the book (via Newsweek), Meghan wanted changes in the script for a commercial she filmed in 2016 in Montreal. “Seriously, this doesn’t make sense! I’m a brash American and if my name is going to be on something, I’m going to have my say,” Meghan is quoted as saying.

“On March 14, the arguments reached their climax,” the author wrote. “After ferocious exchanges a few script changes were made, only to be rejected by Meghan again.”

“‘She bulldozed her way through,’ complained one of the team. No one stood up to her,” Bower wrote. “That evening, [film director John] Grammatico emailed [ad agency] Tank’s creative director. Meghan, Grammatico suggested, was not completely wrong. The agency was focusing the commercial on Reitmans’ label and the dress.”

Bower continued, “Like all stars, Meghan wanted the focus to be on herself. ‘She needs to be flattered,’ he wrote, ‘and she’s right. Celebrities want to be the hero.’ The solution was to ‘put Meghan in charge because she’s beautiful and famous and she’s in control.’ The script was rewritten by Grammatico.”

Meghan reportedly complained about her hotel room

Bower also wrote about how Meghan wasn’t satisfied with the size of her hotel room and wished to be registered under an alias.          

“‘Her identity must be kept secret,’ said her agent, Lori Sale. ‘Meghan doesn’t want to be hassled by the hotel staff, other guests or photographers’,” Bower wrote. “The production team were flummoxed. No one in French-speaking Montreal really knew Meghan.”

He added, “In the event, the hotel refused the request. No paparazzi gathered outside the hotel.”


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Meghan was reportedly ‘always fed up’ on set

Bower further shared Meghan’s vibe on set, which led to one assistant calling her “the princess.”

The author wrote: “‘The Princess is coming,’ sniggered one assistant as, hard-faced, Meghan arrived on set, avoiding eye contact with the crew.”

Bower continued, “‘She was always fed up,’ one crew member noted, ‘sighing, huffing and rolling her eyes at things. It was heavy-going working with her.’ Another claimed that she would be ‘super sweet’ with [her hairdresser] Felix and [make-up artist] Marco and then within seconds turn to the crew and be ‘super-disagreeable.’”

Those involved with the filming, according to Bower’s book, didn’t want to challenge Meghan for fear of losing their jobs.

“No one dared to contradict Meghan. Keeping their jobs depended on satisfying her demands,” he wrote. “The only consolation was Meghan’s … In front of the lens, she transformed herself into a warm, glamorous icon.”

When filming wrapped, Bower’s book shares, Meghan didn’t extend any thanks. “There was none of the customary ‘Thank you’ or ‘See you again’. Meghan departed,” he wrote. “To the surprise of the wardrobe staff, she forgot to leave behind the Aquazzura shoes.”