‘BIP’: Instagram Users Are Criticising Dean Unglert for Not Having Health Insurance Before Skiing Accident

Bachelor in Paradise alum Dean Unglert got into a horrible skiing accident a little over three months ago. He recently wrote about his recovery and the cost of everything on his travel blog.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for iHeartMedia
Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Dean Unglert didn’t have health insurance when he got into his ski accident

Always honest, Unglert detailed his reasonings for not having health insurance at the time of the trip.

“Up to this point in my life, it’s not something I’ve ever really needed. I don’t have any recurring health issues, no prescriptions to fill, no contact lenses or glasses needed, and, even though I enjoy a few dangerous activities, I never really seemed to hurt myself too seriously. I had Kaiser for half of 2019 but replaced a lost credit card, messed up my auto pay, and never took the time to renew it,” he wrote. “That means, as you might’ve guessed, I didn’t have any health insurance on the day I crashed in Switzerland. I wrote about how grateful I am that the accident was in a country with affordable, and phenomenal, healthcare . Otherwise I would have way more of a financial burden on my hands.”

He promoted his latest blog post on his Instagram.

“ever wonder how much money you’ll be forced to spend if you break your leg in another country and don’t have health insurance? well i wrote about my experience, now 14 weeks removed from crashing in switzerland. i write about finding health insurance, my great experience with @axisstemcell, and more. click the link in my bio to read it!” he captioned a photo of him and his dog, Pappy, hiking.

Instagram users are criticizing Dean Unglert for not having health insurance

Instagram users flocked to the post to write that they’re glad Unglert’s recovering and to comment on how cute Pappy looks. But there were also several Instagram users who wondered why Unglert didn’t have insurance until recently.

“You learned the hard way – that’s a life lesson. That’s the thing about insurance, IT’S INSURANCE. You don’t need it until you need it. Most instances are unforeseen. It’s a gamble not worth taking,” commented one person.

“Why no insurance?? Everyone needs insurance,” wrote another person.

Someone replied: “not everyone can afford it,” to which the first person responded: “The trips they’ve been going on and can’t afford insurance.”

“What did you expect being a daredevil. LOL and having no health insurance shame on you. But we all learn the hard way,” wrote another fan.

Right away, while Unglert was “laying in the hospital bed” after his accident, he started shopping around for insurance providers. He chose a newer provider that’s for Southern California residents.

“My plan has me paying $450/month for coverage. My physical therapy costs $150/session but, with my insurance, I pay $15 out the door (saving me $1,080/month if I have 2 sessions every week). I’ve had several meetings with general physicians, hip specialists, and have gotten two different sets of x-rays and have paid a total of $0 for all of that,” he wrote.  

Dean’s recovery goal

Unglert says he hopes to be “back to normal” by the time self-isolation measures are lifted.

“It’s wishful thinking, but I hope to be back to normal by the time this quarantine is over with. As of this writing, we’re stuck inside until at least April 30th. Personally, I think that’ll get extended even further. I’m aiming for a full recovery by the end of May 2020,” he wrote in his blog. “If I don’t quite make it by then, that’ll be ok. I don’t think I’m too far off from that being realistic though. A 5-7 month recovery is just about what I expected when I was laying in the hospital in Switzerland.”

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