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Blac Chyna is famous for her larger than life personality, but have you ever wondered where she gets that from? What was her childhood like? With the release of her new reality show, The Real Blac Chyna, fans were able to get to know her mother, Tokyo Toni a little better — and they weren’t impressed. In fact, they were outraged over the way Toni treated her daughter. 

The screaming fight between Blac Chyna and Tokyo Toni

Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The long feud between Chyna and her mother came to a head on the first episode of her new show, The Real Blac Chyna. Fans were horrified at the way Toni treated her daughter. While Chyna tried to stay calm, Toni got in her face, yelling at the top of her lungs, and insulting Chyna.

She said Chyna was always disrespectful, and disgusting. Toni threatened to beat her, and “stretch [Chyna’s] a** across the motherf**king kitchen.” She also called her daughter a b**ch, and a whore. But the worst part was during the confessional, when Toni said: “I don’t care if she sold your p***y to an army, you still better respect your momma.”

Fans were outraged over the “respect your momma” line. One person commented: “THAT’S the problem that a lot of our parents have. I don’t have to respect you if you neglect, demean or abuse me just because you’re my parent.”

Thankfully, Chyna made it a point to let her mother know that her behavior was the reason she didn’t want her around her grandkids. It’s reassuring to know that the kids weren’t around anywhere during the fight, but sad when you consider the environment Chyna probably grew up in.

Several fans pointed this out in the comments. One person said: “I honestly feel SO bad for Blac Chyna…you can tell her mom was a f***ing psycho growing up.” Another added: “So now that everyone sees who raised Blac Chyna, can we finally give Angela the respect she deserves?”

Tokyo Toni says she’s done with the reality show

After the response from the first episode, Toni announced she wouldn’t be participating in the next season of The Real Blac Chyna. In an Instagram post explaining her decision, Toni said: “Unfortunately I lost business due to the clippings that they put out. One I wanted to do this advocacy with a check in my hand about suicide but I will not be able to do that due to the clip that Zeus put out saying you can kill yourself I don’t care.”

Toni went on to assert that in Washington DC, telling someone to kill themselves is just an expression and doesn’t mean you actually want them to commit suicide. She said it’s just “slang,” and that she tried to explain that to the suicide prevention group she had plans to work with, but they didn’t accept her explanation. She continued: “I had all the intentions on using that money to benefit me in my life now I have to start from scratch due to the efforts of others!!!”

No one is really surprised that Toni lost opportunities because of her behavior on the show. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to understand that this is not normal behavior for most people. 

Tokyo Toni’s past is filled with controversy

In addition to the long drawn out feud between Toni and Chyna, Toni has also picked fights with her ex-son-in-law, Rob Kardashian, and his family: the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan. She seems to have a habit of inserting herself into any drama she can. In 2017, Toni claimed she was going to release a “tell all” about the relationship between Chyna and Kardashian, along with information about the revenge porn case. But it appears not much came out of that threat. 

Later that same year, Toni — whose real name is Shalana Hunter — was arrested for her own revenge porn scandal. Just like Kardashian, Toni was accused of distributing a video of her landlord’s daughter, and her landlord’s daughter’s boyfriend, having sex. She was also charged with harassment, and two counts of stalking. 

Unfortunately, there’s plenty more controversy and drama in Toni’s background. Once you start looking into the woman who raised Chyna, her character becomes very obvious. 

There is some good news. After the filming of their blow out fight, Chyna and Toni were able to work out their differences, and are now on good terms