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In the season 9 premiere of Black Ink Crew, Ceaser and Ted discovered that longtime employee Walt stole from 125th. As a result, they banned him. While the comedian thinks he and Ceaser can talk it out one day, the shop owner said their friendship is over.

Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew attends Black Ink Gallery And Silent Auction at Black Ink Atlanta
Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew attends Black Ink Gallery And Silent Auction at Black Ink Atlanta | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Walt has worked at ‘Black Ink’ since season 1

Before the series began, Walt worked at the flagship Black Ink, known as 113th, as the manager before his demotion to assistant. Although he appeared relatively lazy, his humor and longstanding friendship with shop owner Ceaser kept him employed.

During the second season, viewers began learning more about Walt when he opened up about his desire to locate his father. After finding out his father died, the Black Ink star reunited with his dad’s side of the family.

Walt later discovered his then-girlfriend was pregnant with his child and began taking care of his older two kids as a single father. The stress eventually got to him, and he started drinking excessively, resulting in his children going back to living with their mother and Walt staying in the projects. Therefore, Ceaser and Teddy Ruks helped him by getting him involved in a support group.

After short-lived romances with then-apprentice Donna Lombardi and receptionist Jadah Blue, the assistant manager settled down with Jessica and the two married. Additionally, Walt began pursuing his love of comedy and started performing at venues.

He stole from the shop in season 9

Toward the end of season 8, the comedian, who recently was promoted to manager, got arrested outside of the shop due to old warrants. A few months later, the Black Ink locations closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, Walt had to support his new wife and three kids using the money he made from his comedy appearances and other gigs. When Ceaser reunited his employees to re-open the shop, Donna noticed Walt seemed off and suspected he might’ve started drinking again. She also revealed she loaned him money, and he hadn’t repaid her.

While the manager promised to work the loan off, he didn’t explain why he hadn’t given her the money back. Shortly later, someone broke into the Black Ink shop on 125th street and stole cash from the register and merchandise.

Using video evidence, Ceaser and Teddy suspected Walt as the perpetrator, and he confessed when confronting. However, the comedian claimed he only took the cash from the register, which he says he intended on replacing, and denied involvement with the breakup.

Ceasar banned Walt and seemingly terminated friendship

After he admitted taking the cash, Ted noted Walt is no longer welcome in the shop. The two spoke to their employees and played the video evidence. Krystal explained she suspected Walt from the beginning because the manager “shorted” them on tattoo prices, showed up drunk to work, and randomly came in on his day off to count money.

Additionally, the artist believes he might be up to something else because she thinks he’s cheating on Jessica. Therefore, Ceaser announced Walt as banned from the shop and the Black Ink family and prohibited his employees from speaking to the former manager.


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However, Puma felt bad and wanted to hear out Walt, so they met in front of the now-closed flagship shop. The comedian claimed he stole the money because he needed it for child support and reportedly faced jail time if he didn’t pay up.

Regardless, Puma reminded Walt he made a mistake he might not come back from, even though the former manager thinks he and Ceaser can talk about it one day. However, the shop owner already noted he considered his friendship with Walt “done” because he feels he did “so much” for him in the past. Black Ink Crew airs Mondays at 9/8 Central on VH1.