‘Black Ink Crew’: Ceaser Emanuel Says Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Footage of Him Hitting Dog for Revenge

VH1 fired reality TV star Ceaser Emanuel from Black Ink Crew after a clip went viral on Twitter that depicted him hitting a dog. He later accused an ex-girlfriend of leaking the footage to the public for revenge following their breakup.

Ceaser Emanuel accused his ex-girlfriend of leaking dog footage for revenge

Twitter account Got City Tea posted a two-minute clip showing Ceaser Emanuel of reality show Black Ink Crew fame hitting a dog in his driveway, sparking outrage and backlash. As a result of the leaked footage, VH1 announced its decision to part ways with the show’s star.

In a statement to TMZ, Fulton County Animal Services and the local police department caught wind of the video and began investigating the tattoo artist. However, Emanuel’s team claims the reality star has already talked to the police and reports the cops have cleared him and don’t find the animals in danger.

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Additionally, the representative believes an ex-girlfriend leaked the footage for revenge because he cut ties with her and stopped finally supporting her.

Although they didn’t name the person, it’s possibly Suzette Samuel. The two were living together in an Atlanta-based house during the 2020 pandemic-induced lockdown, when the incident reportedly happened. His relationship served as a storyline in season 9, ultimately ending when she felt he didn’t do enough for her when she had surgery in Columbia. 

VH1 fired Ceaser Emanuel after a video went viral of him hitting a dog

The following day after the leaked footage made its rounds on social media, VH1 revealed its choice to fire the reality star after nine complete seasons and nearly a decade with the franchise.

In a short statement uploaded to its official social media accounts, the network announced it parted ways with the star and that their decision wouldn’t affect the upcoming season as it’s almost completed filming. It didn’t reveal its reasoning behind the sudden firing, but it’s assumed that the video in question played a prominent role.

Ceaser Emanuel admitted footage ‘looked crazy’ but says he was breaking up a fight

Speaking to People, Emanuel’s lawyer Walter Mosley called the tattoo artist an “avid dog lover” and claimed the incident happened after the pet began attacking another dog.

He admitted his client had a “lapse of judgment” when separating the animals but insisted Emanuel was only “protecting the smaller dogs.” The attorney also noted the situation occurred over “a year ago” and said Emanuel has already acknowledged the incident.

The New York-based tattoo artist also personally talked to TMZ after his firing, admitting the leaked footage “looked crazy.” However, he reiterated his attorney’s story, insisting he only tried to separate a fight. Additionally, he claimed he attempted to “scare” his dog, not hurt him, as he was “nervous and scared” when his pet began attacking him when he broke the dogs up.

Emanuel insisted that he’s not “cruel to animals,” adding that he has since attended dog school with one of the pets to learn techniques in handling the animal if another situation arises. He also revealed that he gave the other dog away to a friend. Due to the leaked footage belonging to a personal Ring camera located outside of his house, Emanuel admitted he felt someone attempted to set him up. He later accused his ex-girlfriend of being the culprit through his team.

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