‘Black Ink Crew’: Ceaser Emanuel Under Investigation for Animal Abuse

VH1 parted ways with Black Ink Crew boss Ceaser Emanuel after leaked footage depicted him hitting a dog. According to TMZ, the reality TV star is now under investigation for animal abuse.

Ceaser Emanuel is under investigation after a video went viral of him hitting a dog

On June 22, 2022, account Got City Tea posted a two-minute video to Twitter that showed the star of VH1 reality star Black Ink Crew, Ceaser Emanuel, seemingly hitting a dog.

The clip quickly began circulating on social media, and VH1 swiftly fired him a day later. Emanuel has owned up to his behavior depicted in the video but insisted he was breaking up a fight with another dog.

Following his response, TMZ reports that the clip has gained the attention of the Georgia-based Fulton County Animal Services and the South Fulton Police Department, who are looking into the situation.

Although the incident reportedly occurred during the 2020 pandemic-induced lockdown, according to his lawyer Walter Mosley, the Fulton-based animal services department told TMZ it can still charge him. However, Emanuel’s team claims the Fulton County police already cleared the reality star of any wrongdoing and didn’t consider the animals in danger.

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VH1 fired Ceaser Emanuel from ‘Black Ink Crew’ following a leaked video

A day after the video began making its rounds on Twitter, VH1 announced it parted ways with Emanuel in a short statement posted to its social media accounts.

Although it didn’t explicitly state why it fired the tattoo shop owner, his sudden departure is likely a result of the actions caught in the clip.

The two-minute footage, which came from a Ring camera located in his house, shows the reality star kicking his dog, striking it twice with a folded chair, and putting the animal in a cage before pushing it down a hill. The clip sparked outrage on social media and “upset” many fans, including alum Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, who called out her former boss and network in an Instagram post.

She uploaded the footage and claimed she hoped fans see Emanuel for the “monster” he is as a result of his actions. Additionally, she accused the network of covering up other allegations for him, including his daughter’s abuse claims.

Ceaser Emanuel said he tried to break apart a dog fight and believes someone set him up by leaking the footage

In a statement to People from Emanuel’s lawyer Mosley referred to his client as an “avid dog lover” and claimed the incident happened when the dog began attacking other animals in the house.

He insisted the reality star attempted to break up the fight but had a “lapse of judgment” when handling his pet. Additionally, Mosley claimed it happened at least “a year ago” and that the New York native has already acknowledged it.

Emanuel then personally spoke to TMZ about the leaked footage, admitting the clip “looked crazy.” While he regrets his actions, the reality star claims that the dog began attacking him after he tried to break up the fight. “Nervous and scared” at the moment, Emanuel said he only wanted to “scare” the dog, not hurt him.

The tattoo artist insisted he’s not “cruel to animals” and claimed both dogs are in good health. Although he gave one dog to a friend, Emanuel said he went to dog school with the other to learn techniques in dealing with his pet if another similar situation arises. Finally, the reality star admitted he felt “set up” with the leaked footage as it came from a Ring camera located at his house.

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