‘Black Ink Crew’: Donna and Alex Reportedly Split Before Season 10 Premiere

A few weeks before Black Ink Crew is set to return with Season 10, longtime couple Donna Lombardi and Alex the Vagina Slayer have reportedly split following a nearly four-year relationship.

Alex the Vagina Slayer (L) and Donna Marie Lombardi smiling with Angela Yee at her birthday party
Alex the Vagina Slayer (L) and Donna Marie Lombardi with Angela Yee at her birthday party | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

‘Black Ink Crew’ stars Donna Lombardi and Alex the Vagina Slayer seemingly break up before season 10

In 2017, Taylor “Donna Marie Lombardi” Pinckney, 28, met Alex “the Vagina Slayer” Robinson, 29, when he began working at Black Ink.

The couple infamously hooked up in a bathroom stall at a club and have been inseparable ever since. However, in January 2022, Reality Entertainment reported the couple called it quits.

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Fans noticed the two stopped following each other on Instagram and scrubbed each other from their accounts, seemingly confirming the rumors.

The social media active couple also stopped including one another in their frequently updated stories and have started making solo appearances. Donna has apparently deleted her Instagram account but remains present on a backup page. Neither has publicly confirmed nor denied the rumors.

They have been engaged since 2019

The 2017 hookup resulted at the beginning of their relationship, and the couple moved in together while continuing their careers as tattoo artists at Black Ink Crew.

Another fallout with shop owner David “Ceaser” Emanuel resulted in him kicking both out of his shop, but the two still showed up to Young Bae’s wedding rehearsal.

It quickly turned violent when Ceaser and his cousin, Shariff “Teddy Ruks” Homer, jumped Alex, ultimately hurting his back. He and Donna began having a hard time as he seemed to blame her for the altercation, but they worked it out.

The New York native later proposed during the season 8 trip to Hawaii, where the group celebrated Walt Miller’s marriage. In an April 2021 interview with Madame Noire, the 28-year-old noted they had a rocky 2020 that caused him to pause their wedding plans. Even so, they planned to open their own nail and tattoo shop, Claws-N-Ink.

Alex previously accused Donna of domestic violence before recanting the allegation

As Donna wanted to take a break from tattooing, she didn’t work at Black Ink while Alex did. Therefore, she traveled with him and the group to the Atlanta location. After another massive argument with the shop boss resulted in the two leaving the house, Alex FaceTimed the crew to tell them he produced a positive coronavirus test.

However, during the finale, he admitted he wanted space from Donna as she reportedly scratched his face in the middle of an argument. The Ohio native denied his story, insisting she didn’t have nails long enough to injure him. A producer eventually broke the fourth wall to express her concerns about the relationship, but the couple left together.

A few weeks after the June 2021 episode, the couple addressed the incident in an Instagram Live. Donna doubled down on her acrylic nails’ inability to scratch anyone and admitted she thought the show “exploited a situation” instead of providing them with counseling.

Additionally, the 28-year-old said she believed her “dominant personality” led people to think she abuses Alex. He later joined the broadcast and backed her story, claiming he “falsely accused” her. The couple remained together for seven months until their reported breakup in January 2022. Black Ink Crew Season 10 premieres Feb. 21, 2022, on VH1.

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